Pre/Postnatal Marketing & Networking Event

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Work in fertility, pregnancy or with mums and babies?Prenatal-165


Love this client group, but struggle getting BUMPS on seats?


Turn that PASSION into profit and make 2015 THE year you finally nail your marketing!


I know how hard it is, having worked with over 1,000 pregnant and postnatal women myself:

  • the peaks and troughs in attendance at your sessions;
  • the ‘baby booms’ you read about, but aren’t experiencing yourself; and
  • the constant battle that goes over and over in your head about ‘is it really worth it?’


I had a dream… that one day there would be an Business Event solely for Pre/Postnatal Specialists where we’d come together, share our knowledge, and learn from one another.


Pre/Postnatal Networking & Marketing Event

Sunday 26 April 2015

 Jurys Inn, Nottingham (2 mins walk from the train station)






KATIE BULMER-COOKE – KEYNOTE SPEAKERkatie bulmer the apprentice

Mum, Entrepreneur and star of BBC’s The Apprentice


In 2014, Katie competed against hundreds of candidates and was successfully chosen for the hit TV Show ‘The Apprentice’ where her business prowess was put to the test against the brightest business brains the United Kingdom had to offer.


Entrepreneur and Mum, Katie Bulmer Cooke first made her mark in the world of business at the tender age of 16. From creating her own exercise classes in her hometown of Sunderland she went on to sell her fitness DVDs and online workout programmes to new mums across 5 continents becoming a multi award winning business woman in just a decade.


A global superstar with her feet firmly planted on the ground, Katie’s down to earth style when speaking captivates her audiences of fellow entrepreneurs and corporate clients.


What will you learn from Katie?Kate Bulmer Cooke 2015 Photo (3)


The award winning fitness mum-preneur reveals the truth from inside The Apprentice boardroom, and how you can gain pounds in days! (That’s money pounds, not mince-pie pounds there, obviously.)


Katie will share with you her knowledge on how to design and launch your own successful online product. This is something you’ve probably talked about in your head many times, but never actually quite round to doing, right?


Known for her let’s “get stuff done’ attitude in business, she’ll present to you how she successfully stays motivated right to the end, and manages to juggle work, life and family commitments too.




Ante/Postnatal Fitness & Marketing Expert

Claire Mockridge (that’s me!) has worked with over 1,000 pregnant and postnatal women in Nottingham, with many of her clients returning to her exercise classes with their second, third and indeed fourth baby/pregnancy.


She broke the pre/postnatal marketing code very early on in her career and her Mummies and Buggies and Bump to Babe classes hold a strong brand in her area, with waiting lists for spaces often in operation.


Reaching a point where she wanted to ‘give something back’, Claire now mentors and provides much-needed advice and support to exercise instructors worldwide who need a little helping hand every now and then when classes go quiet, marketing plans fail and lesson plans run dry.


She runs Workshops and Continued Professional Development days for fitness trainers, focussing on updates in exercise prescription, and more importantly gives participants the tools required to add a successful pre/postnatal arm to their business too.


What will you learn from Claire?


Marketing for the pre/postnatal specialist has changed considerably in recent years and Claire will show you how and why it’s important to stay ahead of the game (or ‘hip and down with the kids’ if you find your clients are getting younger and younger each week…).


Gone are the days when you can just get a few flyers printed on Vistaprint, do a leaflet drop and/or rely on ‘hope marketing’ to attract clients into your business.


A trip down memory lane, Claire will show you the dusty marketing blueprint you may still be working from, and show you how, with a bit of elbow grease, you can update it and bring it into the year 2015.


Get to grips with Facebook Ads, use Twitter effectively for business, discover the secrets to rapport building, and increase your client retention rates with ease.


BECKY GODDARD-HILL Becky Mads 2013 (3)

Mum of 2, Award winning Blogger, Author


Becky Goddard-Hill is mum of 2; award winning blogger and a qualified humanistic psychotherapist. Prior to having children, she worked as a child development trainer and social worker.


She took a 6-year sabbatical after the birth of her first baby to pursue a more family-friendly career and took up blogging and has never looked back!


She’s a published author (How to Afford Time Off With Your Baby, Vermilion: 2009) as well as the writer of several e-books on seasonal craft and play on a budget.


Her award-winning blog: Baby Budgeting has a PR of 4, and receives 18k page views a month. She has 11k twitter followers, 43k Pinterest followers and is very active across all of the social media channels.


What will you learn from Becky?


Nowadays, blogging is more than just giving away free information to readers of your website. When done well, blogging can provide you with a considerable, effortless passive income stream, and it is considered a very lucrative job.


If you have a passion for writing or have ever wanted to know how to successfully make money whilst you sleep, Becky will show you really how simple it is.


Becky will showcase the various projects she’s been involved with off the back of blogging, focusing on their variety and the use of different social media channels and their possibilities.


She’ll present to you her inspirational story from humble beginnings to award-winning Blogger and Author and will spell out the 5 key assets of a blog.




Chiropractor specialising in pre/postnatal, owner of ChiroMarket

Naomi Mills is a chiropractor who specialises in treating pregnant women and new-born babies at her thriving practice in Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham.


Alongside managing a busy clinic, Naomi has also won several awards for her online marketing business “ChiroMarket” designed to help chiropractors set-up and run a successful practice for themselves.


Naomi’s reputation and popularity has come as a result of building strong referral partnerships within the local pre and post natal community, working with other specialists to offer women a holistic service.


In her spare time Naomi enjoys weight-lifting and going on long walks with her husband and pug “Jelly” who is also a regular face at her practice.



What will you learn from Naomi?


Naomi will brief you on her business journey up to now from trainee Chiropractor to Head Practitioner/clinic owner in the space of 3 years, and genuinely inspire you with the types of pre and postnatal patients she frequently treats (tissues at the ready, because she has a Masters in Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health).


An ‘aggressive networker’, Naomi will show you: how to build your own thriving pre/postnatal professionals’ network, she’ll explain why it’s vital to stay constantly on their radar; and why building your list of local contacts might the missing link to your success.


Working one-on-one with patients, Naomi knows there’s a limit to how many clients you can physically see each week. She’ll showcase the tricks of the 1-2-1 trade to ensure you’re fully-booked at all times, and will have your clients effortlessly booking their next appointment, and wanting to come back for more!


NB – A 15-minute QnA session has been allocated at the end of each presentation to enable you to quiz the speakers on their topic.


So, take advantage of this opportunity.





This is a business, networking and marketing event aimed at professionals working in these three fields:


  • Fertility
  • Prenatal
  • Postnatal (mum or baby)


All speakers have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in their specialism and they’re eager to share this with you to ensure you too can enjoy success.


This Event is for:

  • reflexologists
  • massage therapists
  • fertility experts
  • antenatal educators
  • doulas
  • fitness instructors
  • personal trainers
  • baby sign language teachers
  • baby Yoga/massage instructors
  • placenta encapsulation experts
  • chiropractors
  • physiotherapists
  • osteopaths
  • midwives

Literally ANYONE who works with women from: conception to child.

This is not just a ‘sit down and listen’ event, by the way – expect to be amazed, inspired and more importantly, increase your network of industry contacts.


There will be plenty of time for you to ‘work the room’ and quite honestly, if you’re not – I’ll step in and do something about it!


Every participant will complete a questionnaire before the Event, and if I think you could benefit from an introduction to someone in particular, I’ll make sure it’s done.




Have a question?

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5 Things You're NOT Doing as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist to help WIN business and RETAIN customers!