19 Day Online Marketing Program

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19 days, 19 marketing ideas, £19 fee,
starts 19 March 2014!

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"Why marketing to pre/postnatal women is different, and how marketing has changed
over the last 12 months"

19-day Online Marketing Program for

Pre and Postnatal Specialists


Are you a new Pre/Postnatal Specialist whose class numbers are struggling?

Enjoy working with new mums/mums-to-be but want more clients in the door?

Want more of your pregnant clients to come back to after birth?

Desperate for marketing ideas that are cheap, cost-effective and FREE?!

Do you think Facebook and Twitter are a waste of time?

Feeling isolated and feel the need to bounce ideas of others?


If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then the 19-Day Online Marketing Program is for you!




What’s included?

For your £19 investment, you’ll receive:

  • 19 days – specialist knowledge from Claire Mockridge, Ante/Postnatal Fitness and Marketing Expert who’s worked with over 950 pregnant and postnatal women
  • 19 marketing tasks – delivered via a combination of Podcasts, how-to-videos, written checklists to work through, recorded Webinars and SPECIAL access to a secret Facebook group!
  • £19 fee – for the first 19 sign ups!
  • 19 March – next intake!

NB – You need to have an active Facebook personal profile to access this program.


What’s required from you?2_picture of book

Over the course of the 19-day program you’ll be asked to:

  • complete the daily tasks,
  • open your mind to new ideas,
  • embrace technology,
  • break down those mind barriers, and
  • make a commitment in order to build a successful pre/postnatal arm to your business.

NB – You need to have an active Facebook personal profile to access this program.


Who’s this program for?

The 19-day online marketing program is designed for ANYONE who deals with pregnant and postnatal women.  It’s open to:

  • Fitness Professionals / Personal Trainers / Pilates Teachers
  • Chiropractors / Osteopaths / Physiotherapists / Pelvic Floor Health Specialists
  • Massage Therapists / Baby Yoga & Massage Teachers
  • Fertility Experts
  • Baby & Pregnancy Franchisees

If your specialism is in Ante/Postnatal, and your profession is NOT on the list above, I sincerely apologise for missing you out.

My message here should be clear though – when dealing with new mums and mums-to-be, the marketing blueprint is the same, regardless of your specialism.


How much time will I need to do each task?64_nandini

It depends.  Some tasks will take you 10 minutes of your time.  Others may require you to make a few phone calls, do some research online, get in touch with your graphic/website designer, set up meetings, learn a new skill etc.


How do I sign up?

Enter your name and email address above to register your interest in the 19-Day Online Marketing Program.


REMEMBER!  There’s something in it for you too – a FREE Podcast from Claire Mockridge herself on:


“Why marketing to pre and postnatal women is different

and how marketing has changed over the last 12 months”


This is invaluable information for anyone trying to market their services to pre and postnatal women.

What’s next?

Bookings for the next 19-Day Pre/Postnatal Marketing Program will be open from Friday 14 March 2014.

REMEMBER! The first 19 sign ups will pay the introductory offer of just £19.

It’s then £27 thereafter.  Once you’ve booked and paid to secure your place, you’ll then be invited to join a secret Facebook Group from Wednesday 19 March 2014 onwards.  See you on the other side



Work with an Expert who’s been there, done it and seen marketing change significantly over the past 12 months.

Stay abreast of advertising changes, build your client base and increase your customer reach.


Have a question?

Contact Claire via email here



Read what others have to say about the 19-Day Program!

I love #19day!  – Andrea Clarke

I’m loving the 19-Day Program, although a bit overwhelming at times, and properly shoved out of my comfort zone!  I’m very new to community classes and my own business – just 12 months in.  I have always relied on income from health clubs etc, but took the plunge last year, and I’m loving it!  I like the Facebook group support, and your knowledge is amazing thank you so much! – Nikki Cookes

I’m really enjoying the challenge of getting stuff done! I tend to overload my schedule when I realistically have little time and this has been no different.  So, it’s great to have a little shove in the right direction to keep me on track.  Today I knew I needed an extra hour whilst my boy naps to catch up a little.  If I hadn’t been doing this ‘challenge’ I’d have skipped the hour of admin time.  I’ve been meaning to re-brand for a while given the situation I mentioned when I first started this.  So really pleased to be moving forwards. – Karen Lisa Laing

Thanks so much, Claire.  My head is too full of ideas!  I have to find the time to write everything down. The 19-Day Program has really helped.  Many thanks!! – Anna Mima

I’m really enjoying the 19-Day Program tasks and the group interaction on Facebook.  Although I’ve struggled with completing all of the tasks this week as I’m mega busy, I’m hoping to make time this weekend so I don’t let the others down. – Gillian Amadi

Pre and postnatal is what I want to concentrate on marketing to, with the lovely efficient help of Claire Mockridge!  Working on your own can be quite lonely (ahhh) and it’s been great to bounce ideas off each other. – Penny Carmen