6 Reasons why Circuit Classes are Brilliant for Pregnant Clients

Prenatal-125Today, I’m answering a quick question a Pre/Postnatal Instructor asked me recently regarding whether circuit classes were suitable for pregnant women.

My answer to this question is most definitely YES.

Interval-style training is a great way to train prenatal clients because:

  1. clients can work at their own pace,
  2. varying levels/trimesters can be accommodated in one setting,
  3. it’s social, fun and interactive, particularly if you pair clients up with someone who’s the same stage of pregnancy,
  4. it adds specific structure to your class,
  5. you can target all of the major pregnancy-related muscles,
  6. it ticks the 3 C’s: cardio, conditioning and core.

Have you been running a fitness-style or Pilates class for pregnant clients and want to add a successful circuit class to your repertoire?

Click here to download my done-for-you Pregnancy Circuit Cards which you can save, print out and use in your class tonight.  Class notes and instructions are included.  Essentially, all you’ll need is a stopwatch! Let me know how you get on.

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