Do’s and Don’ts When Clients Suffer With Pelvic Girdle Pain

As many as 20% of women suffer with Pelvic Girdle Pain.Prenatal-137


Here are my top tips when dealing with clients that present with this condition in your classes:


ONE-SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL – PGP is a very individual .  Some clients will be fine on their hands and knees, lifting a knee, others will feel pain in their pubic area instantly.  Some clients will get discomfort in their SIJ (sacro-illiac joint) in side-lying, others don’t.


OFFER ALTERNATIVES – If clients feel pain lifting a knee when on all fours, ask them to lift a hand instead.  When in side-lying, if they find abduction is painful for their back, offer an arm-opening exercise instead (pictured here).


KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS – Unless you’re a qualified Ante/Postnatal Osteo/Chiro or Physio, you shouldn’t be trying to “treat” clients with this or any other pre/postnatal-related condition.


UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM – Pregnant clients should speak to their Midwife firstly about the pain, where their Midwife will refer them on to a Women’s Health Physio.  Clients can also “self refer” themselves and chat to a qualified Physio over the phone at most major hospitals, with a view to making themselves an appointment too.


WATCH THEM LIKE A HAWK – Correct their technique and get hands-on with clients suffering with PGP, to avoid them doing further injury.


PILATES IS THE WAY FORWARD – Pilates is the best form of exercise for clients to do with PGP, although many clients of mine with PGP are able to participant fully in my pregnancy fitness classes too, so again, it just goes to show how individual this condition is.


If you think about the joints that get affected, and the symptoms clients experience, Pilates is definitely the way forward, as it has lots of focus on pelvic floor and core, to help stabilise the very area of the body this has become mis-aligned, unstable and agitated.


Here are some sample Pilates exercises you can download and perform with your pregnant clients and postnatal clients suffering with PGP symptoms.



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