How to Get Your Clients to Open Your Newsletters

Postnatal-34-300x225I know how frustrating it is myself to spend time writing good quality blog posts, newsletter articles and emails only to find that clients don’t read them.

You put your heart and soul into researching a topic, you provide thorough answers to FAQs and write what you think is really relevant content.

Yet when you log in to your email software program to check the open rate ater a campaign is sent, it leaves you feeling less than excited.

There are a few tricks of the trade that you can apply to get your clients to sit up, take action and open your emails, so keep reading…

Here are my tips:

  1. Experiment with the timing of when your newsletters / blog posts are published – sending things out on the wrong day at the wrong time is quite literally pointless so get into the mindset of your clients.
  2. Remove the word “Newsletter” or “Blog” from the subject line – it’s pretty dull, isn’t it?
  3. Give the subject line of your Newsletter or Blog a punchier title – eg “Banish Your Mummy Tummy for Good” will guarantee a higher open rate, as will “Why You’re Suffering With Morning Sickness and What You Can Do About”.

Using numbers in the title of your Blog/Newsletters such as: “5 Top Tips for _____” and “The 10 Reasons Why _____” have more weight to them also.  Are you getting the idea?

If you’d like more assistance getting to grips with what headlines work and WHY they’re so much more effective, click here for an instant download.

Because I know you’re short on time, I’ve put together a pack of 25 done for your blog posts/articles which you can download here.

Any comments?  Do get in touch.

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