Lessons in Being ‘Nice’

Ante/Postnatal Fitness ExpertHere’s a post, anecdotal in nature, where I’m going to talk to you about the benefits of simply being ‘nice’.


Many years ago, when I first started out in the fitness industry, I worked out at various gyms, got to know the Gym Instructors and Reception staff at each venue, and I was always nice.


I liked to talk shop with the Gym crew, PTs, Studio Instructors and office staff and nothing phased me – I was simply there to train and be nice, really.

Occasionally, they’d call on me to cover a shift, take a class in the studio at short notice, open up or lock the facility if someone fell ill, check the ladies loos when the fire alarm went off and/or step in if someone needed advice on what to do with a pre/postnatal customer.  Nice is in my nature.  I can’t help it.


Nowadays, I have a small team of cover instructors who are absolutely brilliant (thanks guys if you’re reading this).  I believe in being nice to my cover crew, and they’re always nice back.  I don’t call on them very often, and as it happens, I do take leave every now and then.  So, that means I have to set about the task of getting in touch with my team to enquire about their availability for cover.


One time I took leave, the first 2 instructors on my list weren’t available.  The 3rd, who I’d been mentoring for 18 months or so, could cover one of my classes, but not the other, because she now has her own successful Pilates sessions up and running on the same night as mine.  I think you’d agree that’s pretty nice!


Claire-14So, I had to widen my inner circle in search of yet another suitable candidate.  Let me tell you, it pays to be connected.  I contacted 7 instructors in the end and through the powers of: “someone who wasn’t qualified in Pilates, but knows someone, who knows someone who is Pilates-trained”, I was given “someone’s” email address.  Wasn’t that nice?


It turns out, this certain “someone” was “someone” I met at one of those gyms I mentioned above over 7 years ago.  I only had her first name to go on, so I didn’t recognise her at first, until in her third email back and forth where she said: “By the way, Claire we have met before.  I used to work at the xxx gym and I remember you from there”, and she went on to say: “You certainly have come a long way since then.  I look forward to catching up with you again soon and it’ll be a pleasure to work for you!”.


I think you’d agree that’s pretty nice.  So, today’s lesson is: stay connected to people who cross your path and be nice, because you too may never know when someone you met 7 years ago needs your help, or when you need theirs.


Have yourself a ‘nice’ day!


Are YOU connected with other Instructors locally?


What happens when you need class cover?


Post a comment below and let me know.


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