5 Top Marketing Tips for Pre/Postnatal Specialists

Prenatal-155I’ve worked pregnant and postnatal women for many, many years. To date, I’ve seen some 1,000+ mums-to-be, new mums and their babies come through my pre/postnatal-specific fitness and Pilates classes.


So, you could say I know a thing or two when it comes to advertising and marketing my services to pregnant women or new mums.


If you too are wanting to attract more pregnant or postnatal women into your classes, I’m here to share my top marketing tips with you

Here goes:


Free website listings – 80% of my clients find out about me via Google, so to improve your chances of prospective clients locating your services, you’ve got to list your classes online. There are a tonne of ‘class listing’ websites specifically for mums-to-be, new mums, babies, toddlers and children under 5. All it takes is a bit of research on your part to find where to list your classes, a few templates so you can get busy copying and pasting your copy in and a reminder to update them on a regular basis should you prices, times or venues change so they’re always fresh and up to date.


Postnatal-57Networking – Whilst you’re busy finding out about what’s on in your local area via online class listing websites above, make a note of some pregnancy services and baby-related businesses you could pitch your classes to too. Never see other prenatal or baby-focussed services as competition. You all have the same client group. And, if you think you have a high turnover of participants, check out your Baby Massage Therapists because they sell their classes in courses of 3 weeks. That’s tough!


Referrals – I come across lots of pre/postnatal women who need a little extra attention in my classes, and you know what – I can’t fix every ailment, injury or back problem. Sometimes, I have to refer clients on to a Phsyio/Chiro/Osteopath for treatment. Do some research and find some ante/postnatal-trained medical professionals that you can send your clients on to and build relationships with. I get a lot of referrals back, and it’s a good way of building respect too.


Flyers – Mass flyer drops DON’T work for pre/postnatal. But, if you think outside the box a little and research where pre/postnatal women hang out eg cafes, pubs, restaurants, soft play centres etc, then, leaving your eye-catching flyers in these locations is a win-win.


P1070361Baby Shows/Events/Fayres – A great way of getting your name, branding and face out there is to book a stand at your local baby show. Some of these are expensive, granted, but it’s what you do with the email addresses you collect at the event that is worth its weight in gold afterwards, isn’t it?


And, there you have it – my top marketing tips for Fit Pros who specialise in pre and postnatal.


Desperately need help getting your pre/posntatal classes off the ground?


Do you feel really passionate about working with new mums and mums-to-be, but find yourself really frustrated with the marketing side of things?


Were these tips helpful?


Do you use these types of marketing for YOUR pre/postnatal classes?


What’s the best form of advertising that works for you?


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5 Things You're NOT Doing as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist to help WIN business and RETAIN customers!
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