Top Tips for Beating Writers Block

Today, I’m listing my top tips for dealing with writers block.Claire-44


It happens to us all at some point, doesn’t it?


You section out a few hours in the diary to get your Newsletters written/Blog updated, and no matter how hard you try, your mind goes blank and you’re staring at a great, blank white screen on your laptop.


Here are my top tips to enable you to get your creative juices flowing, get those words flying off the keyboard and get your newsletter article finished:


*Keep a log of what your previous newsletters have been written on, and scan through previous topics for inspiration.


*When you’re in a creative mood, have an ideas session where you write down themes or ideas for your newsletter articles, ready to refer to when you’re feeling a bit under-inspired.


*Write a series of articles on one theme eg losing weight around your mid-section. So, you could do one along the lines of “What foods help lose weight”, “What exercise helps you lose weight”. I did several recently on pelvic floor and testing for abdominal separation.


*Go for lists eg Top 5 FAQs about xxxx, or Top 5 tips for xxx.Prenatal-114


*Refer to your course manuals for technical information, statistical data and ACSM guidelines and jazz these numbers up into an article.


*Re-hash something you’ve previously written eg I’ve re-written “What happens to the abdominals during pregnancy” is pretty much the same article as: “What is abdominal separation?”


*Think seasonal eg “how to stay motivated to train in the winter months” or “top tips for getting that bikini body ready for summer” etc.


*Tie something in with a news story eg a celebrity’s pregnancy, How we became addicted to sugar, UK obesity crisis etc.


*Throw in a recipe idea – my clients love these!  You honestly can’t go wrong.


*For something a little different, record a Podcast or video/vlog.  I use SoundCloud audio files . I recorded one for my clients the first week back at class once and I received many comments for doing so.


*Make a positive a negative ie instead of writing about “What exercise helps you lose weight….”, turn your piece on its head and title it “What exercise doesn’t help you lose weight…”.


*But more importantly, the best source of information is to answer some FAQs that your clients have asked you in the last week at class.


And there you have it!


25 done for you blogs coverHave a great writers block-free day and let me know what you’re writing your next Blog post or newsletter article on.


If you’re still really struggling to get pen to paper, particularly for your pre/postnatal clients, click here.


You can instantly download my 25 done for you newsletter articles/blog posts to get you started!


If you’d like MORE advice on how to set up a weekly newsletter or really get your teeth stuck into blogging, click here.


I cover newsletter writing/blogging in much more detail.

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5 Things You're NOT Doing as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist to help WIN business and RETAIN customers!
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