Celebrating 7 Years of Success In the ‘Bump’ Business!

I have something very special to announce with you guys!bumplady_colour


Today marks the 7th birthday of my Bump to Babe Pregnancy Fitness Classes in Nottingham.


And, in celebration, I’m offering you a 50% discount off my Pregnancy Fitness DVD – TODAY ONLY!


I honestly don’t quite know where the time has gone, to be fair!



For those of you who’ve followed me for a while and know me well, you’ll be aware that I have a real passion for educating and empowering pregnant women about safe and effective exercise.


And, although I’d say the exercise content of my pregnancy classes in particular has changed quite a lot in that 7 year period (I’ve kept up-to-date with education and exercise trends obviously), what’s really suprised me is that original venue, timeslots and days that I run my pregnancy sessions still remain the same.


Amazing, eh?


With such a high turnover of clients to attract, there certainly have been peaks and troughs over the those 7 years.


And quite honestly, there were many times when I truly wanted to cry and throw the towel in through sheer frustration at the amount of time, money and effort required to keep these classes on the timetable.


I’ve seen some 500+ pregnant women come through the doors of Bump to Babe in that time, and I know you’re dying to ask, so I will answer:


Nope, I’ve only had one client’s waters break in class in all that time!


You’ll be pleased to know that ‘Baby James’ was delivered safely at hospital a few hours later – and we even made the papers!IMG-20140731-01339




It just goes to show that the old adage…:


Don’t Exercise During Pregnancy, Otherwise You’ll Go Into Labour


…really isn’t true, huh?


I’ve had a few ‘close calls’ where clients have text or emailed to say:


  • “Sorry I didn’t make it to class last night, I’d just put my tracksuit bottoms on and my waters broke”,
  • “I won’t be able to come to Bump to Babe tonight as I’m no longer pregnant”, and
  • “Claire, I’m sorry for not texting sooner, but I was a tad busy on Wednesday night having my baby”



Aren’t my clients awesome?!


To date, I’ve actually worked with 1,000+ pregnant and postnatal women in and around Nottingham, and I like to think I’ve made a positive impact for many ladies and little ones out there, and will continue to do so for several years to come.


Although, I have caught myself recently saying:


As soon as my clients’ babies start having babies themselves, it might be time for me to hang up my trainers


Har, har!


Pregnancy is a massively confusing time for most women, and for us exercise instructors and antenatal educators out there, isn’t Google just an amazing tool of mis-information?!


If you’re serious about working with this niche population, you’ve got to make a commitment to help dispel the myths Prenatal-137surrounding exercise, update your clients on what is and isn’t safe, and most of all instil confidence in a group of women who are hungry for the right types of information.


If you want to update your exercise skills to ultimately benefit your own clients AND ensure that the pre/postnatal arm to your business is successful long-term (you’re not doing this for nothing, are you?), get yourself booked on one of my Bridging the Gap Workshops sharpish.


As you can see, I’m very ‘ground roots’, me.


I’ve been there, done it and am proudly wearing that said t-shirt.


When I first started out, golly (isn’t that a word that needs to come back into fashion, eh?) I wish someone like me was out there to offer guidance, support and expertise.


What’s lovely about teaching mums-to-be and new mums is that clients do return to you for their second, third and (in one case for me recently) fourth pregnancies.


I know all too well, that it does get more difficult for mothers to be to make the time to exercise nowadays, particularly if they have a busy job, other children to care for and/or commitments that just get in the way.


That’s one of the reasons I undertook the project of filming a Pregnancy Fitness DVD – aptly named: Don't let your bump


“Don’t let your BUMP get in the way!”


I’m having a HALF PRICE SALE in fact to celebrate my 7 years in the pregnancy business.


So, if you’re a pre/postnatal exercise instructor reading this, and you’re thinking that:

a) you’d like to increase your retention rate where clients return to you from one pregnancy to the next, and

b) you’d like to reach out to more pregnant women on a local and national level..


…then, my advice would be to create a tangible product like an exercise DVD, e-book or Worksheet, or better still get an online pregnancy exercise program set up!


Really, it’s NOT that difficult.


If you’d like a copy of my Prenatal Exercise DVD – “Don’t let your BUMP get in the way”…


….for your pregnancy exercise library…


…you can grab a copy – HALF PRICE – TODAY ONLY!



Here are some of the lovely bumps I worked with, pictured right, looking fabulous! 🙂


And that grin on my face is genuine – someone hasn’t poked me up the bum just as the shutter went off.


I’ll finish rambling now by saying that Bump to Babe’s success would NOT have been possible had it not been for the countless local businesses and other sole traders in Nottingham (and beyond!) that I’ve networked so tirelessly and positively with over the years.


Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.      – Deepak Chopra


Pretty darn accurate, eh?



Claire Mockridge





Claire Mockridge

Ante/Postnatal Fitness & Marketing Expert


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