Round Up of FitPro Live 2014 – London

Well, what a lovely weekend I’ve had down in London at FitProLive 2014.interview fit pro 2014


I always love this Convention, and this year’s Event was no exception.


If you weren’t aware, there’s been a date and venue change, so instead of Loughborough in the East Midlands in April, FitPro’s now in London in July.


This year’s FitPro theme was “Break the Rules”, so it was only fitting that the venue and date alteration occur this year.


Initially, I was saddened to have one of the best Fitness Conventions disappear from my corner of the country, but in the eyes of progress, I thought I’ll book on and see if London can do it as well as Loughborough.


It rocked!john berardi fit pro 2014

I went to several cutting edge lectures and workshops.


My favourites were:


*John Berardi – What’s the Best Diet for You? – He’s a very engaging speaker, provides awesome content and it obviously helps that he’s very easy on the eye!


*Michael Watson – Anatomy Trains – All about fascia and it’s relationship to everything in our bodies through movement and/or restriction. Oh, and did I mention he was quite fit too?!


*Jayne Nicholls – Sharpen up Your Presentation Skills – This took me back to my ETM exam a hundred years ago and really got you thinking about how YOU can be a better instructor, simply by changing your cues and language.

katie bulmer fit pro 2014

*Katie Bulmer-Cooke – Breaking Bodyweight Boredom Workout – Katie’s a brill instructor, so entertaining and her session just reaffirmed my love for group exercise. I ‘might’ ache a little tomorrow though….


I’m in the mint green at the front in this pic 🙂


I noticed a few enhancements for 2014’s FitPro Live Convention in London.


The Artic setting for the Air Conditioning in all of the Lecture rooms, by the way wasn’t one.


I seriously was so cold at one point in someone’s presentation, I couldn’t feel my legs.


Sorry, I digress…


Anyway, so this is the first year an App has been on the scene at FitPro, so that was something new.


It basically meant you didn’t have to print out a paper ticket – door staff just scanned you in straight off the QR code on your mobile/tablet.


And, Presenters’ Session Notes/Handouts were immediately downloadable from the FitPro website.


Meaning, if you wanted a copy of a speakers’ slides, you could have them virtually straightaway.


Even if you didn’t attend that person’s session, their notes are fully accessible.


Pretty cool, huh?


One of the reasons I book on this Convention is not just for education, but because I get to meet up with several other FitPros I know through various circles.


I know all too well, it can be pretty lonely out there.


I get to connect with you guys reading this (yay!), and anyone who recognises me from Social Media tends to break the ice along the lines of:


“You’re the pre and postnatal lady, aren’t you?” whenever they notice me!


Now, you don’t need ME to tell you how important continued professional development is.


So, if you haven’t booked on any courses/workshops so far this year, did you realise it’s July already?


Where did THAT go?!


I’d recommend at least one CPD course annually.


It keeps your teaching skills and your mind fresh – even if it’s just to inject your classes with new vocabulary and a few new moves on the old ones.


I know it’s not always financially viable to travel to attend Workshops all the time etc, but it’s what keeps me sane, no question.


I’m currently accessing some great content online through a training provider in America, so if you’re motivated enough to study remotely, there’s tonnes of stuff out there.


It’s just a matter of finding what floats your boat and what will ultimately add value to your clients.


Now, let me hear from you.


Did you attend FitPro Live 2014?


What were YOUR favourite sessions?


Will you be booking on next year?


Pop a comment below.



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