Top 3 Causes of Back Pain for Pre/Postnatal Clients

Pregnant woman sitting on fitness ball holding belly.Today, I’m sharing with you what I consider to be the 3 Top Causes of Back Pain for our pregnant and postnatal clients.

The tips I’m listing here aren’t just for pregnant women by the way, but for anyone – male or female, old or young, fit or unfit etc.

Feel free to share this information around amongst your work colleagues, friends, neighbours and respective others.

It could really help someone close to you and set off a few light bulbs in the process.

A lot of people suffer with back pain, but aren’t aware of what it is that’s often the culprit.

Here goes:



No surprise that this is first on the list, is it?

As a species, we aren’t really built to sit down for extended periods of time, yet so many of us do this day in day out, for several hours a day, don’t we?

It’s no wonder our spines are suffering.

We’re built to move and when I say move, I mean we’re built to walk miles and miles every day.

So, taking this information onboard, when was the last time you went for a walk of 3-5 miles or more in one day?

If it’s been a while, I’d suggest working up to this target slowly, but I promise you, with active movement rather than static slouching, your lower back will thank you.



When and if you DO have to sit down, what you may find is that you’re sitting with your back against the back rest of the chair and almost ‘molding’ yourself into a seat-shape.

Sound familiar?

When I say ‘pelvic positioning’, I mean you’re sitting with your tailbone tucked under eg you’re sitting with a rounded back and tucked under pelvis.

This ‘tucked under’ pelvic position also attributes a lot to pelvic floor tightening, but I’ve covered this already in recent blog posts.

Seats everywhere – on buses, at work, at the cinema, in reception areas etc have all become more reclined than they once were. People used to sit in a very upright position, whereas we don’t do that anymore.

In 200 years time, at the rate chairs are leaning backwards, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re not driving around in sun loungers, quite honestly!



A lot of people get misdiagnosed when it comes to having an ‘archy’ lower back, and they’re told it’s this excessive lumbar curvature that equates to their lower back pain. Here’s a little experiment for you.

Stand up and try this: put yourself in what you consider is proper alignment/posture, from your feet to your head, thinking about your shoulders and neck in between etc.

Now, I’ll ask you to do this: stand up a little bit taller.

What happened to the front of your ribcage?

Chances are – it lifted upwards, right?

Ok, so now that your ribcage is in this heightened, pushed-forwards position, how much pressure do you think this position is placing on your middle and lower back?

Probably quite a lot, huh?
I’ll cover more hints and tips again in a future blog post on what you can tell your pre/postnatal clients (or any client, remember!) relating to small aspects of their own posture they can fix themselves and what measures are required to do so.

I’m all about the client taking ownership for their own alignment, if you know what I mean?

I hope you are too.

If you found this blog useful or in anyway slightly enlightening, pop a comment below.



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