Client Retention Tip – Get Personal

64_nandiniToday I’m sharing a tried and tested tip which is great for client retention.

It’s especially beneficial at this time of year.

Summer’s over. Kids have gone back. No holidays to look forward to.

I’m kidding.

If you find certain clients have dropped off the radar and you kind of miss them – get personal.

Instead of just hoping clients will book back on your classes with you via your automated mailing list – get personal.


personaltrainingBefore I go onto the next point, there might be a few tweaks you could make to your newsletters by using the words ‘you’ (in the individual sense) instead of say ‘I hope you all enjoyed the class last night’ (in the group sense) to, you guessed it – get personal.

But, you can’t beat the old-fashioned way to – get personal.

Every fortnight, I schedule in 15 minutes to go through my class registers and see who’s dropped off my mainstream sessions, who’s roughly 12 weeks postnatal, and who’s been poorly recently.

It doesn’t take long to do.

And, you don’t even need to do it every month – just whenever you feel the need arises.

Once you have a list of names –get personal.

Send each of these clients an email along the lines of:

Hi, I haven’t seen you at class for a while…

You know where I am….

The door’s always open should you wish to return to class….

Short. Sharp. Sincere.beginners

So far this month I’ve had a pretty good return rate on clients:

a) responding to these emails, and

b) booking into a class.

And they range from:

  • A lady who’s recovering from surgery
  • A woman who’s now clear of breast cancer – woo hoo!
  • An elderly gent who took the summer off and really misses me and Pilates, and
  • Three ex-pregnant clients now booked on my postnatal fitness classes

So, there you go.

All it took was to – get personal.

Your task for today is to do a quick search through your Inbox / database / client registers and do the same.


Then, you know what you need to do with me – get personal.

Oh yes.

Pop a comment below if you found this tip was useful.

I’d love to hear from you!


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