Spice Up Your Pregnancy Standing Work With These Exercise Ideas

Prenatal-114I’m here with some standing core-based exercise ideas for your pregnancy classes.

Sometimes you just get stale teaching floor-based core work, huh?

Hands and knees positions are fine during pregnancy, but you know that I know that you know, that you should also include core exercises in a more upright position too.

All you’ll need is a wall space for these exercises.

I’m pretty sure most halls, sports centres and gyms have those, don’t they?!

Tee hee.

Ok, so without further ado, here are my:

Top 5 Upright Core-Based Exercises for Pregnant Clients



Simple. Hands wider than the shoulders, feet hip-distance, shoulders relaxed, core switched on, and off you go!

PROGRESSION: Move the feet further away from the wall for extra challenge, or lift one foot off the floor.modified plank pregnancy



Elbows on the wall (like you would do for the normal Plank), feet hip-width, shoulders down, rib cage relaxed, neck lifted, engage core and presto!

PROGRESSION: Start with palms on the wall, then place left elbow then right elbow on the wall. Then, return palms to the wall, leading with the left palm, then right palm. Switch sides. It’s simply: left elbow, right elbow, left palm, right palm then swap.


knee lift on wallKNEE LIFT

Hands against the wall with heels hip distance. Draw the core muscles in and bend the right knee in towards the wall in front of you. Try and keep the pelvis as still as possible when moving alternate knees.

PROGRESSION: Lift the opposite palm off the wall whilst lifting the knee.





Palms and feet in position with the core activated. Float the right leg gently to the right, and at the same time, move the left arm out to the left. Superman on all fours is sort of arm and leg in front. I’ve called this Spiderman, because it’s arms and legs to the side.

PROGRESSION: Perform super-slow, lifting the leg and hold….then remove the arm from the wall and hold…. then place the foot back down and hold….then the arm etc.


press up and rotationPRESS UP + ROTATION

This one’s like a triple threat! It’s arm strength, core endurance and upper back mobilisation. Same set up for press ups above, but when you return to the start position, take the right arm out to the side and rotate through the thoracic spine.

PROGRESSION: Lift the opposite knee off the floor as you rotate. So, just to clarify if you’re uncoordinated, it’d be right arm rotation, left foot lifted.


And there you have it!

They’re quite challenging aren’t they?

Imagine the workout mum-to-be gets once she’s progressed into her third trimester, eh?



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