5 Reasons Circuits Rock for Pre/Postnatal

I love circuits for pre/postnatal clients.Postnatal-34-300x225

Not only do they give your class participants a good workout, but…

They give your tired aching ankles, knees and feet a bit of a rest too, don’t they?

Tee hee.

You do need to have a minimum number of clients attending your sessions to make it worthwhile running a circuit, but 8-12 is a good figure to start off with.

Here are 5 reasons WHY you should be running a pre/postnatal circuit class for your attendees:



Encourage your pre/postnatal clients to chat to one another as they go around the circuit.

It’s unlikely you’re working them particularly hard pas the ‘talk-test’ in most scenarios anyway, so why not pair your clients up with:

a)      Someone of the same gestation, or

b)      Two clients whose babies are a similar age



Upper body, lower body, cardio and core.

All of the boxes ticked and a balanced workout to boot!



I spend 1 minute at each station and lay my circuits out so clients go around 3 sets, twice.

So, in total there are 12 different exercises, and clients perform them twice through.

After you’ve done demoed the exercises, done a warm up and performed the circuit twice you’ll have just about enough time to do a bit of floor-based exercise and/or stretching.

And, then it’s time to go home!



More often than not, my clients bring their babies in their buggy to class – it’s called Mummies and Buggies for that reason!

Babies like being moved around the stations and watch mum carefully work out.

And, if any of the babies kick off, or need rocking to sleep, I’ll happily take the pram myself and give it a bit of a jiggle to settle the little ones.



And, did I mention they give you, the instructor, a bit of a rest?

What’s not to like there?postnatal circuit cards


Now, over to you.

How do YOU run your pregnancy or postnatal exercise classes?

Are they heavily Pilates-based?

Do you only ever do toning with your pre/postnatal ladies?

I’d love to hear how YOU lay out your circuit classes too if you indeed you run them.


For a set of 16 x Pre/Postnatal Circuit Cards, listing teaching points AND colour photos of real pre/postnatal women demonstrating them, click here.


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