How You Should Be Teaching The Squat

I’m all about squats during pregnancy.Pregnant woman relaxing while holding water bottle.

The squat is one of the first exercises I get a new mum to do, post-birth.

It’s only fair that I request that you spend time perfecting their perfect squat.

Are you ready?

Ok, so start off in this stance:

  • Feet hip-distance apart (I do allow a slightly wider stance if a client’s in their third trimester)
  • Pelvis in neutral (which is ASIS and pubic bone level at the front, by the way)
  • Shoulders relaxed and ribcage down against the pelvis,

  • Get ready to cue their clients to poke their tailbone out, and
  • Focus on a vertical shin eg knees directly above the ankles (practise doing this yourself – I bet your knees go further forwards over your ankles than you initially realised)

Just as a precaution, you might want a chair, a steady object/wall beside their prenatal clients, just in case they’re a bit wobbly.

25_pregnancy_exerciseThen, when they’re ready, sway your pelvis back, keeping the legs straight first, then bend through their hips and knees and sit back into their heels.

Keep their knees on top of their ankles to really engage their butt on the way back up!

Check the alignment of your knees over ankles in the mirror – it’s quite eye-opening, isn’t it?

The squat’s not that simple for some people, ok?

If your client feels pain in their back, hips or knees, then it’s likely they’re doing something wrong.

So, here’s a few tips:

  • Poke your tailbone out behind you eg make sure your clients DON’T tuck their bottom under, it’s a sure-fire way of doing their back in
  • Don’t allow knees to go past their ankles – be diligent!
  • Keep the ribs down – that’s actually harder that it is
  • Keep the weight into their heels
  • Pivot from their hips and bend with their knees – it’s a bit like a hip hinge first to sway the pelvis back, and then the knees bend slightly
  • It doesn’t matter how deep you squat, because everyone performs this movement differently – you may only lower down a few inches, but technique’s key, isn’t it?


Now you’ve got the technique sussed, practise presenting squats like this in all of your classes.

It’ll make the world of difference.

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