When to Refer Your Clients On to an Expert

Postnatal-12There will be times as a pre/postnatal specialist, where it’s necessary for you to say:

“Hands up! I honestly don’t know.”

And, actually that’s completely fine.

There’s a growing trend across ‘Specialists’ in this industry to: educate yourself, get hands on, go on every training course going….in the hope that you’ll be able to solve ALL of your pre/postnatal clients’ problems.

Unfortunately, this really isn’t true.

And, actually quite unnecessary.


Postnatal DVD film shootUnless you have additional qualifications (and might I add experience, hours of hands-on practice and confidence) to ‘treat’ or ‘diagnose’ someone’s injury, get the hell out of there.

Let me tell you about me.

I have one broken body – no question.

I’ve suffered with:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sacro-illiac pain
  • Patella tracking disorder

How prevalent are these 5 conditions amongst the pre/postnatal population?

They’re incredibly common – all 5 of them, ok?

It’s natural for a class participant to come up to me before/after class and list her pain points for the day and/or ask me:

“I’ve been getting this pain here….Are there any exercises I can do to fix it?”.

When I quiz her using my own knowledge and experience of say, something like sciatica or patella-tracking disorder, I’m pretty confident I know what it is.

But, I’m certainly not going to suggest she does a particular exercise to help ‘fix’ it.56_pregnant woman seated 2

I’m a fitness and Pilates instructor at the end of the day.

And, whilst I’m flattered that a client has come to me asking for advice, what she’ll receive from me is a business card promptly in her face of someone I know and trust who IS qualified to treat, diagnose and manage it.

Still not built up your list of pre/postnatal contacts like Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Women’s Health Physios?

Get on it right now because they’re there to help you and your client lessen the symptoms of the pain she’s experiencing, and ensure that when she returns to you in class, that she’s fit to do so.

So, don’t say you know exactly what it is your client is suffering with, unless you’re qualified (and might I add ‘insured’) to do so.

I’ve never been one for ‘manual’ therapies myself.  It just doesn’t appeal to ME as something I want to be doing to clients.

Did I mention I had carpal tunnel syndrome. Yep you guessed it – that’s why!

I leave the ‘manipulation stuff’ to the Experts and so should you.

Just because something worked for YOU and your injury, doesn’t mean it’s safe or effective for everyone, and particular care needs to be taken when dealing with this specialist population.

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