Tips on Pricing Your Pre/Postnatal Classes, Services and Products

There are many ways you can ask your clients to pay for your services as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist and today, I’m sharing my top tips for you.

To save you hours of over-thinking, brain-strain and lack of sleep, by the end of this article, you will know exactly what you need to charge.

Postnatal-124And, if it makes you a little more profit along the way enabling you to attract the right clients first time, then that’s a massive bonus, eh?

Here goes:



……do pay as you go with pre/postnatal!

Simple. Short. Sweet. To the point.

Don’t even contemplate running a pre/postnatal session as drop-in – it will fail, dismally.

If I have to tell one more instructors this fact who crosses my path I might actually explode.

It really, really doesn’t work.

You’re might think you’re doing your clients a massive favour….

But, I can tell you, categorically now – some weeks you will not even cover the cost of your hall, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but you’re in the business of making money not providing a community service, aren’t you?


ADD VALUE2_picture of book

Here are some ways you can add value to make prospective clients buy from you:

  • Blog – pre/postnatal clients won’t take you seriously unless you have a series of blogs which show you know what you’re talking about
  • Client newsletters – if you don’t have a newsletter set up which gives away fun, free, factual information, you’re not setting yourself up against the competition too well here
  • Freemium – this goes alongside your client newsletters here, so make sure when you’re getting signups for your mailing list, you give something away for free in exchange for their email address
  • Exercise Worksheets – why not do a class handout of exercises or answers to FAQs to give away to pre/postnatal participants? This is totally old-school, but think about who’s not doing it anymore, eh?
  • Exercise Videos – if you have a smart phone, there’s really no excuse for you not to be recording videos and uploading them on to YouTube, is there?



If you’ve got everything sorted in the above list, (and fingers crossed some ideas for online products too!), then you’re ready to move on to the next stage.

Which incidentally is all about packaging up your services to make them look simply irresistible.

Love a bit of Robert Palmer, don’t you?

Anyway, giving stuff away for free is one thing, but getting clients to pay just a little bit more money luring them in with a ‘this seems to good to be true’ price for all of these ‘must-have’ extras is where you have it nailed.

Steak knives, anyone?1_motherandbabykiss

So, let’s say your pregnancy Pilates classes cost £50 for a 6-week course.

And, you have a combination of these products available:

  • Pregnancy Fitness DVD
  • Postnatal Fitness DVD
  • Consultation calls via Skype
  • Online home workout video series
  • Pilates exercise worksheets
  • Recorded webinar listing answers to FAQs on exercise and pregnancy

Ok, so in actual reality you may have none of those available on your website at the moment, but just stay with me here for a moment, ok….?

Dream big.

If you DID have all or some of those, there’s a way of bundling things up at a reduced price, enabling you to make a wincey bit more profit every time someone booked on your classes.

It’s win-win really. Clients get to see you once a week LIVE in person for their class, and then again on paper via your Worksheets, on their tv screen watching your DVD or online on their laptop, iPhone or tablet.

They think they’re getting something amazing too. Everyone loves a bargain.

Reading your mind here, I expect you’re thinking: “But, why would I want to give my online products away at a reduced price?”

You’re not. You’re making this ‘package’ of services affordable and all the more attractive, at the same time.

If your Pilates exercise worksheets cost £19 on your website for example, and with a few clicks of a mouse, you include them as an add-on for say £9, that’s brilliant.

Ok, the Pilates worksheets will have taken you time to produce initially, but once they’re up there, there’s no more outlay on your part, is there?

How’s that sound to you?

Achievable, or just way out of your technical comfort zone, right now?

I’d love to hear from you.


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  • By Tanja 05 Nov 2014

    Great post, Lots to think about! 🙂

  • By Maura 05 Nov 2014

    Thanks as always, Claire! Can you elaborate a bit as to why “pay as you go” does not work well with this population? I currently have a drop-in option, but am considering eliminating it after reading your newsletter today. Thank you! Maura

    • By clairemockridge 06 Nov 2014

      Hi there Maura. Re: pay as you go for pre/postnatal, I’d never suggest setting up classes with this as your sole payment system. You’ll get very irregular attendance and little commitment if you run sessions this way, not to mention limited profit. I allow the odd client here and there to pay per session (if there’s space available), but that’s only after they’ve finished their 10 session class pass and they’re not able to buy another 10 due to a) going back to work soon (postnatal), or b) due very soon (pregnancy). Does that clarify things a little more? Regards, Claire

  • By Maura 30 Nov 2014

    Yes! Thank you, Claire. Just seeing your response now. What do you think of offering 5 or 10 class packs (pay up front), but drop into class? While payment has been received, attendance is still spotty for me. Would you advise running the majority of classes as pre-book series? Thank you as always! Maura

  • By Julie Bickerton 19 Oct 2015

    Hi Claire, this is the way I want to go with ‘extras’. I would like to work on producing worksheets but not sure what format to go with. I’m currently looking at how to structure my add ons. My fave extras are Youtube vidoes but they are just done in my front room and I need more kit to make them more ‘professional’. I’d love to do an online course and offer it to my mums who are already on my course for a reduced price. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks for the blog, great!

    • By clairemockridge 20 Oct 2015

      Hi Julie. Thanks for your comment. Adding value to your customers really is the way forward and helps to set you apart from your competitors. I actually produced my own worksheets using PowerPoint (you’d be surprised how easy it is to use), and then I saved them as a pdf file. You can add pictures of you demonstrating the exercises and all of the watch points, muscles worked, number of reps etc as well. Does that help?

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