Top Networking Tips For Pre/Postnatal Specialists

As some of you know, I’ve been around the pregnancy and new mum circuit for a while.mummies_final_JPEG

I’m pleased to say my very first community-based Mummies and Buggies class is still on the timetable all these years later of a Wednesday morning.

So, it’s true to say I know I must be doing something right on the marketing front.

And, as you know, I am more than happy to share my advertising tips with you to help you succeed too.

My Inbox has been busy recently with emails from business contacts requesting lunch dates, guest blog posts and joint venture projects.

I must say – it’s a good position to be in, and certainly achievable for every Pre/Postnatal Specialist out there.

It just takes a little bit of tenacity on your part.


So far this month I’ve had:Mother in living room using telephone holding baby smiling

  • a Women’s Health Physio get in touch to talk about all things pelvic floor,
  • a fellow Pre/Postnatal Specialist who lives in a neighbouring county has suggested a lunch date,
  • my Osteopath who I send babies with colic to wants to write a blog post for my site,
  • my Ante/Postnatal-trained Chiropractor are in talks about joint venture work, and
  • a client has referred a newly-trained Pre/Postnatal Specialist to me asking for cross-promotion, and
  • an ex-client has been in touch asking if it’s ok to pick my brains about the advantages/disadvantages of buying into a baby-related franchise.

If you’d like to to know how I’ve achieved this, here are my top tips for positioning yourself in business:

  1. Make a list – with names of all of the people you want to network with (and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and ‘Like’ their Facebook Page too)
  2. Introduce yourself via email – explaining what it is you do and what benefit you’ll give to them should they be interested in forging a relationship with you
  3. How’s your  shop window? – make sure your website looks the bomb, you include your Social Media links in your email and mention what days/times you’re available (this saves time playing email tennis back and forth getting a date in the diary)
  4. Be patient – Don’t worry if a professional you really want to forge a relationship with doesn’t reply straight away – set yourself a reminder to follow them up a week or so later (sometimes people just need a little nudge, alrighty?)
  5. Do the work for them – If you’re interested in writing an article for their newsletter or a guest blog post suggest 5-10 sample article headings so they get a feel for what it is you do, and they can pick a good match from your list (again, this is for time-saving purposes and it’s a good way of soft selling)
  6. Reciprocate – Offer to promote their services on your blog/newsletter/Social Media channels too, if appropriate
  7. Date sorted? – Excellent! When you do get to meet each other face-to-face, go in with a plan and your game face on (every relationship is two-way, remember)
  8. Don’t forget! – Take a small supply of business cards, your notebook, pen and diary

Oh, and do you want to know what one of the most missed opportunities in business is?

It’s following up.

So, after your meeting, wait a few days and whizz them a quick ‘nice to meet you/I look forward to working with you in the future’ email.

It’ll do wonders for boosting that relationship.

What are you waiting for?

Off you go, make that list and make it happen!


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