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Blog more viewWhen it comes to blogging as a Female Wellness Specialist, I’d hazard a guess that you fall into one of these camps:

a) you’re regularly updating your blog every week, fortnight or month,

b) you’ve published a few blogs on your website, but haven’t updated it for ages, or

c) you’ve never even started blogging, have no idea what you’re doing and/or don’t even have the blog function set up on your website


When female wellness folk talk to me about blogging, I hear all sorts of frustrations and misunderstandings.


I get it.  I was exactly like you when I first started out too!


I remember my brother setting up my first website for me (for free) over 10 years ago, and he said:


“Claire, you must have LOADS of stuff you can give away for free”


And my response was:


“Well, if anyone wanted that information, they’re going to have to PAY for it and BOOK on one of my classes”.

Then again, I didn’t see the point in setting up a weekly newsletter 5 years ago either for clients (or for you – my wonderful wellness experts reading this now who turn to me for help in their business – you’re brilliant!).


But nowadays, writing my weekly ramblings for you, my wellpreneur community isn’t difficult – it actually brings me business, gets clients booking on my classes, and raises questions for all the right reasons.


The number one thing for me though, is it fills me with immense joy and a lot of satisfaction to write it, and get my message out there.


claire-44-2-copy-copyHere are some common concerns and frustrations that perplex the pre/postnatal specialist about blogging:


WHY should I give my stuff away for free?!


Well, as you read above, yes, in the early days, I was incredibly hesitate to give away my knowledge for free.


What my brother was trying to explain to me though, was the benefits of blogging and how they go hand-in-hand with SEO (search engine optimisation) – which is essentially the ability to get your website ranked higher up in Google than anyone else in your area, niche or industry.


That’s the missing piece of the puzzle here.


Think of a time when you’ve landed on someone else’s blog or website and you’ve been in awe of their site.


It’s layout is fresh, the information contained within it is abundant, and you just get a great generous and approachable feel about this person.


How do you think a prospective client feels landing on YOUR website right now, by comparison?


I’m not saying you need to have a whizz-bang amazing looking website (a 5-page site with a few drop down menus is more than adequate) but you need to view your site as your shop window.


You need to showcase your expert skills in some way, shape or form and with more and more people turning to Google for the answer, if you could extend the reach of your website (I’m actually talking about blogging more often here), then what’s stopping you?


Whose website is going to win-over a client who lands on:

a) your website with NO blog function and very little other information to share, and

b) your competitor’s whose is full of fun, factual, frequent updates in response to their (and YOUR clients remember) FAQs, topical things in the media and issues that YOUR clients should know about?


It’s certainly worth a thought for a few long, hard minutes.


I don’t see the point in blogging, when no one is going to see it…


The fatal mistake a lot of wellpreneurs make when blogging is that they share their blog on Facebook and Twitter (and any other social media platforms) once – and that’s it.


You’ve got to remind people the blog post you wrote is there, more than just the one time, ok?


That masterpiece needs posting on Facebook more than once, several times a week on Twitter, and excerpts of it need to go out regularly on all forms of social media.


Give it some legs and share it to the masses, a heck of a lot more than you are now.


How do I know what to write about?


This is really, really, really simple.


Think of a list of questions that clients frequently ask you about the field of study you work in, and go ahead and crack out 200-600 words.


That’s it.  Seriously, that’s all the advice I have.


I don’t really understand how blogging can help me save time in the long run?


Ok, well, I can tell you blogging definitely is worth the time.Blogging worth investment


What you need to be thinking about here is: ‘rinse and repeat’.


You have this great blog post full of factual information, you’re sharing top tips, and you’re generally solving a problem or answering a FAQ for a client.


Go back through that original text.  I guarantee it will be full of paragraphs of amazing tit bits of info that you can easily copy and paste and share elsewhere.


Here are a few of my sayings:Fitter mums have fitter babies!


“Fitter mums, have fitter babies”


“You don’t get a shapely behind by sitting on it”, and


“Wow, I wonder what labour’s going to be like” (as my pregnant clients do 4 more press ups – tee hee)


These are sort of like quotes though, aren’t they?


So, create these as little pictorial quotes of memes and post them on your social media platforms.  Sorted.


You say them frequently enough, so why not get them out there to more people, with the paragraphs of text you’ve copied and pasted from the original blog.  Done.


Ok, but I STILL don’t understand how blogging can save me time in the long run…?


Alrighty, well you know when a client asks you a question in class or at an appointment?


And, you find yourself having to answer that same query like a million times?


Ok, well what you can do is you write a blog post answering that (and many other) question(s), and when someone has a similar query in person, you explain your answer as you do normally, then follow it up with an email saying:


“When we were chatting in class about X, just in case you didn’t understand everything I mentioned there because we were a little strapped for time, here’s my take on things in the written word [insert blog post], which you can read at your leisure.  Any other questions or queries – just ask.”


…or, just refer them in conversation to “check out my blog…”.  Simple.


Can you see how this not only helps your client, it also helps you?


You’ve spent the time writing the blog post, a client asked you this exact same question coincidentally in class, and then you get to showcase your skills and build rapport with that same individual by sending them a link to your blog?


It’s all linked and what I need to say to you is: this stuff really works.


After all it:

a) gets your client on your site to start with, and

b) keeps them there reading your other amazing information too, as they scroll down to the next post.


Can I REALLY make money from blogging?


Yes – you can.


I have at least 5 friends, all working in completely different industries, whose main source of income is from blogging (2 friends, you can read about here).


There are many, many ways you can reap the rewards of the time it takes to put pen to paper – no question.


And, although each and every one of my fulltime blogger friends write for different niches, they earn good money from doing so.blogging FB post


If you love to write, pen your weekly newsletters, film videos and Facebook lives, and/or would like to get your story out there – there’s no reason whatsoever that you too, couldn’t be a successful blogger too.


If blogging is something you’d love to really get to grips with in 2017, click here.


I’m here to help you, remember, and that’s why I’m truly excited to announce my:


Give Birth To Your Blog” – Webinar recording for Wellness Experts


This Webinar is featuring 2 x full-time bloggers who are going to blow your mind with their skills and tricks on increasing traffic to your site (SEO), and why you really need to be blogging in 2017!

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