Why blogging IS worth the time it takes for you to produce it

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to get you to talk to me about BLOGGING.Blogging questions

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll notice recently that I’ve asked several questions and opened discussions with you on this topic on various platforms.

So, tell me:

Do you blog?

Do you know how to update your blog…?

…or, is your website designer actually holding you to ransom over the fact that anytime you want to update your website, you have to go through them…?

Never find the time to blog?

Really don’t see the point in giving away something for free that you’ve put tonnes of effort in to?

I’m here to tell you – you NEED to change your mindset here, particularly if you wholeheartedly agreed with that last statement.

Here are my views on why blogging is most definitely worth the return on the time it takes to do it:

Let’s gently slip our feet into the shoes of a first-time pregnant or postnatal client…

…or, perhaps a woman who’s tried everything to increase her chances of fertility…

…and they have stumbled across your work (which is pretty darn amazing, yes?).

What reservations, questions and emotions do you think she’s feeling right now?

What barriers are stopping her hitting the ‘Book Now’ button on your website? (Side note: please tell me you’re not still taking cheques and cash for your services!?)

Can you see how writing a blog (or series of blogs) that answers any questions they have surrounding their fears and expectations…

…and a blog that serves to educate, clarify and support them in their decision-making, can really fast-track their decision?

Build the rapport and it gets your more business.

I was on the monkey bars at the local park recently (as you do), and a pregnant lady came up to me and said: “I was just reading your blog, Claire – it’s really good”. I am deadly serious.

She signed up to my classes, there and then.

PEOPLE WANT FREE STUFFBlogging worth investment
I read a quote in the Reader’s Digest magazine (quality publication, I know), but I sort of tended to agree with the message:

Alan Davies:

“People are absorbing a lot more content for free and 90 percent of it is garbage. I find it a little bit depressing”

So, on that note, did the:

“I cut open my Sophie the Giraffe teething toy and found she was mouldy”

blog make it onto your radar recently?

Ok, so that one was fairly warranted. I guess.

But, the follow up:

“I cut open MY Sophie the Giraffe teething toy and she WASN’T mouldy”

was, in my humble opinion, a waste of my brain cells space to read.

It’s like I now no longer have space inside my memory bank for that client who waved at me from her car last week, who I recognised, but not sure from where…

…yet, I found room to store a ridiculously stupid blog in reply to another slightly more pointless one.

Did it get both of these people noticed though? Yes, it did.

Am I asking YOU to do this? No, I’m not.

I’m looking for you to EDUCATE your prospective clients and share ALL of that amazing knowledge you have stored up in your brain so you can share QUALITY information in order to get you more PAYING CLIENTS.

You know when you read a blog that is amazingly written, beautifully presented, inspires you, gets you nodding along in agreement, raises you eyebrows in the right way (unless they’re painted on), and makes you wanting more and more from this fabulous person?

Yeah – that’s what you’re going with here.

You’re worth it, and the clients who read it are worth the investment it takes from you to attract them in the first place.

One of my best words of advice when you’re faced with the dilemma of exactly HOW much information to share about is:

“Give away the general, charge for the specific”

So, perhaps you want to share information about a technique you use…

…or, give away a free workout (just because everyone else is)…

…or explain exactly HOW you help fix/rehabilitate something without giving all of your secrets away.

Here it is again:

“Give away the general, charge for the specific”

So, if you want to write a helpful, beneficial, giving away tips blog – great.

But, you’ve got to leave them hanging a little bit to entice them in, and leave them wanting more.

So, you’re giving away the helpful, insightful, factual stuff, but leaving out some of the juicy details.

Now, on that note, I’m opening up the floor to you.blogging FB post

What questions do you have about blogging?

What reservations or time-constraints do you need to sort out?

Get in touch! I’m more than happy to help, as you know.

If blogging is something you’d love to really get to grips with in 2017, click here

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