7 Ways You Can Re-Purpose Your New (And Old) Content

Claire - repurposing blog headerOk, so you’ve got some great content going out to your pregnant and postnatal clients nowadays since the invention of social media.

Let’s see:

  • blog posts
  • testimonials
  • podcasts
  • newsletter articles
  • videos
  • hints and tips
  • research statistics
  • links to mummy/baby centred news stories
  • infographics
  • memes
  • quotes
  • pictures

…maybe you’ve even pressed ‘Go Live’ and you’ve done your first Facebook live video. Woo hoo!

Well done you.

Or, you’ve experimented a little with Instagram stories. Awesome!

All this great stuff is well-received.

Your newsletters are getting opened. Clients are replying and giving you feedback.

People are re-tweeting your posts on Twitter.

Your Instagram followers are double-tapping like crazy.

That video you shot last month got tonnes of views on Facebook *happy dance*.

Your hard work is finally getting noticed and you’re receiving gratification via ‘Likes’ on Social Media…but…

…that’s kind of where it stops, doesn’t it?

Do you want to know what the next step is, is you’ve shot a great little video, uploaded a blog post and/written a cracking newsletter article?

Ok, it’s all in the re-purposing.

What’s that mean? Well, put simply, it’s taking one piece of content, say a Facebook video, and using that same video and posting it elsewhere, to a different audience.

Here are my top tips for re-purposing your 3 main areas of content: video, blog posts and newsletters.


Blogs do NOT have to be text only!

Simply ’embed’ your Facebook video in your blog as a new blog post.

Whack some text as an intro solving whatever the problem is that you’ve solved, or the question you’ve answered in the video.

And an outro to link to one of the products/services you sell, then get that blog out to the world, baby.

Claire - blogs to newsletters marketing tip2. TURN BLOGS INTO NEWSLETTERS
You’ve uploaded a great blog (maybe it’s that re-purposed video from Facebook – see above!) and you’re really proud of it.

Ok, so now you need to tell your newsletter database that it’s out there.

So, simply copy and paste the text from your blog and turn it into a newsletter article, and Bob’s your uncle.

That’s now one less newsletter you have to write this month, eh?

Just re-read what I said above, but replace the word ‘blog’ for ‘newsletter’.


You’ve written a great blog post or newsletter article. Awesome.

Now, grab 3 or 4 paragraphs of that juicy, appetite-whetting goodness and paste it in a post on Facebook, uploading a relevant picture to make it stand out, and the link to the blog post the text is actually from.

Not sure what I’m saying there? Ok, so, it’s a few lines of text copied and pasted from one amazing blog post with a link to the blog post at the very bottom of the post.

Then at the same time, you upload a picture/photo/image that’s somewhat relevant to the topic of your text.

You’ve already written the damn thing, so now it needs to go out again and again.

Why reinvent the wheel, eh?

Don’t have a relevant picture? Don’t worry! Create something in Canva.

Marketing Tip - share your youtube videos to other platforms5. SHARE YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON OTHER PLATFORMS
Do you have some YouTube videos sitting around that are still relevant, but that’s the only platform they’ve been uploaded to?

No sweat. There’s 2 things you could do here:

  1. post the links to your videos on Twitter for people to view (I’d steer clear of posting YouTube links up on your Facebook Page – Facebook wants you to upload raw video to their platform, not other sources)
  2. upload your YouTube videos (or in other words, you’re ’embedding’ them) to your blog

Google and YouTube are one and the same, so if you want to increase the reach of your website, having a relevant YouTube video on every important page of your website, is great for SEO.

If you got the gist of what you were saying out in 60 seconds on a video that you posted on Facebook, re-post it on Instagram, by trimming it and uploading it.

Twitter has a short, sharp snappy feel to it too, so do exactly the same thing over here on this platform too.

If you’re slightly more tech savvy, maybe you’ve recorded a webinar.

That is brilliant. Did you know you could re-purpose that same webinar?

Here’s 2 ways:

  1. sell the recorded webinar as downloadable product
  2. provide the webinar as your freemium, lead magnet/generator or giveaway to dramatically increase numbers on your mailing list

Can you see what I’m talking about here?

Don’t make more work for yourself.

Just do one piece of content well, then share it, upload it, trim it, copy and paste it, rinse and repeat it.

Job done.

And there you have it.

My top tips for re-purposing your content, without it costing you too much more time and certainly no more money.

Tell me which points you’ll be implementing next week?

What stood out most to you?

25 done for you blogs cover

Any ‘ah-ha!’ moments?

Pop a comment below.

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