How I sold out my pelvic floor exercise class in just 10 days

Quite honestly, I think I surprised myself with how quickly and successfully I filled the places in my new “Your Pelvic Matters” exercise class…

…and that’s why I’m going to share with you today, exactly how I did it.

I’ve done a heck of a lot of 1-2-1 and small group personal training sessions over the past 2 years using the techniques I’ve developed to help women rehabilitate their pelvic floor, but never advertised a live session for 12 participants.

Due to timetable constraints and a venue not being available, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s certainly paid off.

Let me share the tactics I used to sell out my pelvic floor exercise class in just 10 days!



For at least a month or so before your cart opens, start collecting emails from people who are interested in your new offering.

These prospective clients are “hot” for you right now.  You’ve obviously done something to either pique their interest, or you’ve put out some great content already that’s instilled some trust.


It took me 17 takes (har har!), but I can’t stress the importance of filming a “to camera” 2-3 minute video of you introducing what your product/service is, and specifically who it’s for.

This video can be used again and again in future launches, and it needs to be shared out to the masses, as often as possible.


Find the Facebook groups where your target audience is, and post your intro video and sales page in there.

These groups are like gold dust and I’m certain I got tonnes of traffic to my sales page and bookings from one local Facebook group alone from one (free I might add) posting.


To get bums on seats quickly, I ran an Early Bird Price offer, so if clients signed up by a certain date, they’d get the course for £30 cheaper (if you can’t do this – you’re not charging enough to start with ok?).

Turns out I sold ALL of the 12 spaces available BEFORE the Early Bird Price offer expired.

But, as I’ve done several launches for online products before, let me explain what tends to happen:

You’ll get a sudden surge of payments as soon as the cart opens (woo hoo), then things slow down for a few days with one or two sign ups (noooo), then on that last day before your offer expires or cart closes, there’s another flurry of enquiries and bookings (yay).


Spend an afternoon filming a few short “to camera” or “demonstration” videos giving away your best stuff.

The emphasis is on “short”, so nothing over 5 minutes, and if you can’t get something technical out in that time, talk faster, or get your point across in 2 videos instead, ok?

pelvisfloorsidePeople need to “see” you before they go ahead and buy.

They want to know, like and trust you.

In fact, they want to know, LOVE and trust you, actually. 

And, if your product is really, really different but offers great results – you’ve simply got to play on that.

Tap into your clients’ insecurities, give them confidence, solve their problems, empathise with them, step into their shoes.


I’d already trialled and tested my “Your Pelvic Matters” exercises as an online course to clients, so without even prompting, many of my online clients shared my information with their friends singing my praises, so to speak.

Compile a list of clients yourself, and as soon as the cart opens approach them to do the same.


Sadly, we live in a “quick-fix” world nowadays and although this isn’t appropriate for a lot of the products and services in the pre/postnatal industry…

…try and collect a good selection of testimonials from clients past and present, with that “wow factor”.

I felt it wasn’t suitable to put my clients’ full names on the testimonials…

…so if this goes for you too, just list their first name…

…and/or even their initials, particularly if it’s quite a sensitive issue you’re solving like fertility or stress incontinence etc.

Now, it’s over to you!

  • Do you only dream of setting up your own pelvic floor exercise class?
  • Have you now realised that you have no strategy when it comes to getting clients through the door?
  • Are you a really unclear on what clients with pelvic floor dysfunction need, want and desire from an exercise program?
  • Do you lack the confidence in dealing with clients with incontinence, prolapse or pelvic pain?

Well, I can help!

The doors to my Your Pelvic Matters Teacher Training program will open again in October 2018.


Your Pelvic Matters Teacher Training is an online exercise certification for exercise teachers and movement specialists who want a step-by-step, full-body approach to rehabilitating clients with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Get confident in your knowledge of this condition and give confidence back to your clients.

Sign up below to be the first to hear when doors open again!


Join the Your Pelvic Matters waiting list and be the first to hear when the doors are officially open again in March 2020!

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