Can You Lessen The Chances Of Your PREGNANT Clients Getting Abdominal Separation Part 2?

Following on from my earlier blog – Can You Lessen The Chances Of Your PREGNANT Clients Getting Abdominal Separation Part 1?

Well, here are the final 2 ways pregnant women can deform their linea alba.

You’ll obviously want to educate them about all of these:

Maybe your client has been relatively active, but they have a pelvis that’s slightly twisted to the right, and a ribcage that’s slightly shifted to the left?

This means their umbilicus s no longer exactly in the centre.

If you think about the fabric t-shirts are made from – sometimes, you can pull and stretch it in certain ways much better than others, and it bounces back evenly.

It enjoys being pulled one way, but when you try and stretch it from another angle, it doesn’t pull so easily, does it?

There’s only so much tugging the linea alba is going to tolerate too, so getting the pelvis and ribcage better aligned is your job as their prenatal instructor/bodyworker.

Playing a sport like tennis is a great example of creating muscular imbalances, as one side of the abdominals has had to work a heck of a lot harder than the other side, every single time the ball is served.

Mother in living room using telephone holding baby smilingThe same could be related to a mum who’s already had children who carries her baby on one hip – all of the time.

Or, if someone’s lifting and carrying habits mean that they’re so incredibly dominant on one hand, that they’re actually unable to re-program the pathways for simple tasks like putting on their backpack on the other shoulder first, to use the other side of their body, that’s a nice tight/weak/dominant/long scenario going on there, isn’t it?

Do I need to mention that wearing a bag over one shoulder is bad too, or…are you finally realising all this pushing and pulling, habitually, over time, again and again is really not helping?

Whatever the forces and however they’ve been generated, one thing’s for sure – you can change your prenatal clients’ alignment and poor posture….during the prenatal period itself.

And, you can sow the seed of good habits to lessen their chances of getting abdominal separation post-birth too.

Very easily indeed.

You need to know how to properly align your clients (and yourself), how to build them a reflexive core unit…

….and, more importantly, inform them about what movements they are (and aren’t) doing that majorly screw up their linea alba which can lead to diastasis recti.

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