4 tasks you should be delegating in your business

Do you have a VA (virtual assistant)?

What sorts of tasks do they perform for you?

Are you drowning in admin and really dislike the amount of time you’re chained to your laptop answering emails?

Are there tasks you dread doing in your business which could be outsourced?

Well, now might be the time to either:

a) get yourself a virtual assistant, or
b) delegate MORE of the mundane to your existing VA

I’ve listed the very basic of tasks that your VA should be performing for you:

Come on, seriously now?

Are you STILL not sending a weekly broadcast to your clients?

Why? Is it because you don’t have time? Bolderdash, ok?

Make the time, make yourself accountable to someone else who will email you to ask: “Can I have the newsletters by Friday this week, please?”, and that’ll MAKE you do the task, won’t it?

This is the very first task I had my VA, Zeina do for me, and she’s never let me down.

And, other than when I’ve been really unwell myself, or something’s messed up technology-wise, that newsletter has gone out to my client database without fail, every week for 6 and a half years!

Seriously now, do you enjoy chasing clients for money?

Postnatal women particularly are busy with a newborn baby and they just forget, through no fault of their own that they do need to fill in a form and pay to come along to see you.

People need a reminder (sometimes 3!) before they actually follow your instructions and click the link to pay.

Here me now. I don’t like badgering people for money, but with a system – my VA can do this for me.

You should be focussing on what you love – improving the health and wellbeing of pregnant and postnatal women.

All of my class registers / client files are housed in Excel spreadsheets, and one task I find rather mind numbing myself, is inputting data into fields.

So, after a fortnight or so of training (that’s literally all it takes to get a VA up-to-speed) – I now have someone else do this for me.

Picture this: you go on holiday, you come back, you print out a class register / client file, you have all of the details you need, yet you haven’t done any of the work.

It really is that simple.


Saves a heck of a lot of time too, huh?

Geez – this is a difficult one for some Pre/Postnatal Specialists to let go of.

Remember that last time you played email tennis with a prospective client, who asked you a million questions that are already listed on your website, which wasted 2 weeks of your life?

Yep – a VA could’ve actually done that for you, AND probably had the client sign up after email ping pong 2, rather than 14!

If you find yourself writing exactly the same replies to potential customers, this process could be systemised and delegated to a VA.

Ok sure, there are some emails that my assistant CAN’T answer for me.

But, when I returned from my previous stint of leave, I literally had 3 emails that I had to personally respond to, and that was over a 5-week period, so that’s not bad going, huh?

Am I contactable whilst I’m on holiday? Of course! My VA sends me a What’s App message with her query, I reply, then she gets back to the client on my behalf – it’s as simple as that.

Pre-VA support, I can remember the first few times my partner, Mik, and I went to Croatia…

…I’d have to seek out an internet cafe (remember those?!), and then pay for 3 hours of internet access, lock myself away to answer emails/update class registers…

…which really put a damper on the holiday vibe if you know what I mean?

Sure. Wifi access is readily available nowadays, so you might be tempted to just take your iPad with you, but imagine NOT having to be tied down the next time you go away so you can totally switch off, huh?

“Where can I get a VA from, Claire?” I hear you ask.

Well, I’d go with:

  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour

These are reputable sites for all sorts of outsourcing resources.

And, if you’re a member of any networking groups locally, you will definitely find one in there.

So, post a note in their Facebook group – or you could even ask one of your clients/mums to do some admin for you.

And there you have it!

I hope that’s given you enough drive to go out and get yourself some admin support (or delegate more of the mundane), so you can focus more of your energies on doing what it is you do best.

Have a great week!

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