Are you practising enough self-care?

I got back from my a 5-week trip to Australia a few weeks ago, and had just under 5 days to get myself over jet lag before returning to a full timetable of 1-2-1 sessions and classes.

Turns out, I needed more than 5 days to do that.

It also turns out the more people you mention “I have jet lag” to – the more people you come across who say “I don’t get jet lag” and, it also turns out that you realise you want to poke those people in the eye with a burnt, sharp stick.

So, in my experience, it’s probably safer to NOT mention you have it, even though you do, ok?

This past week, I’ve been relying on my support staff a lot and focussing more on “me”.

January feels like it has 73 days in it; I’m now finally over the jet lag; and I’ve a hankering to start afresh in February.

What about you?

I’ve literally been doing the bare minimum it takes to keep my business ticking over, and in today’s article, I’m spelling out how I did it:

To enable you to recuperate after illness, have some downtime, go on your annual holiday, look after unwell children/pets at short notice, or book an afternoon off for the hell of it, you HAVE to systemise your business.

A wrote an article recently about getting yourself a VA and it clearly resonated with a number of you who are feeling under pressure at the moment.

I can’t tell you how amazing my VA is. When I take some time off, launch a new product, go on holiday or need to block out a chunk of time in my diary – she steps in and takes over my inbox entirely.

The only way she’s able to do this however, is because we’ve systemised email replies, she updates all of my registers for me, and she chases clients for money (because who really enjoys that as a task in their business?!).

Of course, there are some tasks my VA can’t do for me, but as she learns more and more about my business – I’m able to delegate more and more over to her, so it’s definitely worth setting your sights on.

Seriously, block out time in your diary marked “me time” every week. Take action and do it now!

What you decide to do in this 30-minute to 3-hour timeslot (or however many minutes you can spare to yourself) is entirely up to you.

Have a power nap, get a massage, go for a walk, connect with a friend, binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix, pick up a hobby you’ve not done since you were a child – go for it.

Many many business contacts of mine block out at least one entire day a month where they do something for themselves.

I’m a bit more precious with my “me time”, because depending on my schedule, it’s more like one day a week that gets a big fat cross marked through it (and yes, I still use a paper planner).

If this is but a dream of yours, start small, so if all you have is 30 minutes, one day a week, work up from there.

Do you travel from one side of your area to the other, and go home in between?

Is there some way you could stop off somewhere and have a coffee, get a massage, park your car and go for a walk, get in contact with a “day time” friend and have a catch up?

Does your respective other say: “You’re always on your phone!” a lot?

Here’s some goals for you:

  1. I take 10-12 weeks off per year,
  2. I only see/work with clients 3 days a week Monday-Wednesday, and
  3. Thursday-Sunday I’m pretty free to do whatever I like.

Apparently (spoken in a sarcastic tone), one of the keys to getting over jet lag is to go outside into the sunshine.

The friend of mine who mentioned this is from Australia (it’s summer there right now), and my response to her What’s App message: “You are kidding, right?” (cos it’s winter here in the UK).

But, what I will say is, movement/exercise is really really important for all sorts of reasons.

I love going out for a walk, and if you’re a regular Instagram follower of mine, you’ll see me out and about as I track my #100milesamonth target every 30 days.

What movement-based exercise do you enjoy?

Whatever it is, schedule it in, because if it’s not in the diary, it ain’t getting done, ok?

Have you still not got your diary out yet?


Are you seeing a million clients one day, and teaching a zillion classes at night?

Ok, so read point 1 above and do something about systemising your lesson/client plans.

I could write a pregnancy Pilates lesson plan with my eyes closed (granted, I wouldn’t be able to read it afterwards, but you catch my drift).

I could (and indeed have) use/d the same lesson plan to teach all 7 x Pilates classes one week.

When 2 x new 1-2-1 clients come to see me for pelvic floor dysfunction on the same day, it’s likely I’m going to give them similar exercises for homework.

If a pregnant client mentions at the start of class that their pelvis is really painful and they’ve got a referral to a Physio, I whip out one of my many “PGP safe” lesson plans for the evening and follow that.

Can you see how I am NOT making more work for myself here?

(Third call for you to get your planner out here)

Take a look at your schedule and see which weeks are busier than others.

If you KNOW you’re going to have a full-on week, to take the pressure off the “behind-the-scenes” stuff like your admin, why not plan that in and keep the “front of house” client contact stuff easier on yourself?

No client has ever come up to me after a class and said: “We did that exact same hands and knees exercise as last week, Claire, I want a refund.”.

And there you have it!

I hope that’s given you enough drive to clear your schedule; research the idea at least of getting yourself some admin support…

…so you can focus more of your energies on doing what it is you do best: improving the health and wellbeing of more pre/postnatal women.

Did you know I offer business coaching?

I can really help you clear some white space in your diary, so you can practise more self-care.

You can’t keep running around in circles forever, huh?

If you’re in need of some direction in your business and want to know more about working 1-2-1 with me, click here to find out more.

If you’re NOT practising a lot of self-care in your life right now, it’s only going to be a matter of time before something cracks. A VA could help!

Learning how to work more efficiently in your business is a great starting point.

And, I can help!

Check out my “Managing You HQ” program where I show you step-by-step how to improve your productivity so you can spend more time working ON your business and less time IN it.

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