Video: FAQs on hiring your first Virtual Assistant

I’ve hired VA’s in my pre/postnatal fitness and marketing business for years and years.


Travel is one of my passions, and I take 10-12 weeks off per year to go on holiday and have some down time.


If you’re NOT practising a lot of self-care in your life right now, it’s only going to be a matter of time before something cracks.


You’ve got to get that work/life balance on – fact.


You became self-employed for a reason, remember?


But, even control freaks hire support staff, and things work out fine, so if you’re thinking: “No one could ever do that task the way I do.” – you’re wrong!


Do you want to know at what stage in my business I hired my first VA?


Want to know what sort of tasks my VA does for me?


Ever wondered how much I pay my VA per hour?


Intrigued to know why I’m actually on my fourth VA now?


Well, I’ve recorded a little video for you which answers all of those questions.


Here’s what you need to do:


  1. Pop your name and email in the box below
  2. Check your inbox for an email marked “Response Required”
  3. Follow the link in the email
  4. Watch the video
  5. Then, answer the questions in the video to know if NOW is the right time to hire your first VA!


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Is your business ready to hire its first Virtual Assistant?

Want to know what sort of tasks a VA can do for you, how much a VA costs and whether your business is ready to hire its first VA? Sign up here to view my video!

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