Why Perfection Is Holding You Back From Moving Forwards

Over the last 6 years, I’ve successfully launched 10+ online products for 4 different audiences, and one thing I’m particularly aware of as wellness specialists is our strive for absolute perfection.

Can I just get you to take a step back for a moment and ask yourself if it really matters if your online product looks amazing the first time you get it out there?

Really what matters is the fact that you get your program off the shelf and selling.

And, secondly, what your product does is it solves a problem; helps someone in need; and delivers great content in an easy-to-understand way.

So above all – you’re helping the right people succeed, change their lives and/or better themselves in some way through your teaching.

If you’re waiting for your program to be perfect – it won’t happen.


Well, because if your program is perfect, you’ll never actually finish it.

You’ll constantly pick it to pieces and you’ll go into a spiral of self-doubt and never actually make money off this amazing idea you’ve had all of this time?

In business, you do need to get over your imperfections.

Now, unless you’re really lucky, you do have competition, don’t you?

This is what keeps us driving forward, because if we weren’t competing, things would actually be pretty boring, wouldn’t they?

Have you ever had a great idea for a program pop into your head at 2am in the morning?

hands typing on a computerOnly for you to discover disappointingly, that months later, someone else launches a product incredibly similar to the one you wanted to – right under your nose?

Flipping frustrating, isn’t it?

That’s a missed opportunity right there.

So, your task today is simple:

  • map out your content if you haven’t already done so,
  • block out some time over the next month to film/write/produce/edit your content,
  • decide on what platform you’ll use to collect payments,
  • finalise any logos/branding if you feel you need them (see how this step isn’t actually crucial to success?),
  • create your sales page,
  • record and edit 2-3 videos that educate or address the issues your client is facing right now,
  • write a few blog posts/sales letters that answer questions your ideal client has about the content you’re sharing with them,
  • compile a list of Facebook live segments you could film to help promote and/or release tips aligned with your program,
  • set a date for launch, and then finally…
  • launch that f**ker!

(apologies about the language used in that last line there, but it did just make you sit up and pay attention, didn’t it?!)

These are things NOT to worry about:

  • people sharing links to your private YouTube videos only accessible to members of your program – that’s easy, you just upload your videos as “unlisted”, “private” or on Vimeo behind an email or password
  • not knowing how to share a pdf, word or other document with clients, other than as an attachment to an email – that’s simple, you just upload the file to AmazonS3, Dropbox or Google Drive and you share the link from there
  • cringing at the quality of your video/audio – easy fixed, you make sure you have natural light coming into your face for video, and if you’re recording an audio file, the voice recording function on your smart phone will do just nicely there if you wear ear buds and minimise background noise
  • thinking you need fancy pants audio and visual equipment – don’t stress, most smart phones offer good quality, particular the non-selfie facing camera – it’s only if you’re standing a long distance away where your voice needs to be picked up, that you may need to invest in a wireless lapel mic
  • not having sophisticated software for screen capture for your PowerPoint presentations – no problems, just purchase SnagIt which is pretty inexpensive, or record your content via Zoom which is a pretty inexpensive webinar style platform

The technical stuff is really not that difficult to get your head around, and to be honest, once you’ve done it the first time – it becomes so much easier after that.

So, what is it YOU’RE going to do today to get your product a little closer to launch?

Can I give you a tip here?

Grab your diary and fast forward how every many days, weeks or months you think you’ll need to record, produce and launch your program.

If you’ve estimated 6 months, that will NOT happen!

To give you an idea: I knocked up 2 years worth of content for my next online program in a little over 2 weekends.

Sometimes you’ve got to set yourself deadlines that are scary, and my best advice if you’re considering getting something out there is to launch ugly.

Then, once you’ve launched that same program 2-3 times throughout the year, you’ll have collected amazing testimonials and you can then invest a bit more time and money in making your product look more sophisticated.

You’re still good at what you do, and people will pay for your expertise, but if you nitpick constantly at the fact that you’re not good enough, you’ll never make it in the online world, I’m afraid.

You know the truth hurts here, so if one of the reasons you haven’t launched or even started filming your content yes is due to lack of time…

…you do know that if you had a Virtual Assistant or similar onboard, you could get your existing business working for you better so you could concentrate on your online hustle, right?

Learning how to work more efficiently in your business is a great starting point.

And, I can help!

Check out my “Managing You HQ” program where I show you step-by-step how to improve your productivity so you can spend more time working ON your business and less time IN it.

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