Sick of playing email tennis with clients?

Whilst I was on leave for 2 weeks recently, I asked my VA to look after my inbox.

As always, she did a grand job, and I came back from time off refreshed, revitalised and recharged.

I also returned to a nice full set of pre/postnatal classes, with me hardly having to lift a finger.

Now, it wasn’t until I looked at my pregnancy fitness class register on my first day back, that I realised:

a) I had 8 new starters on my pregnancy fitness class (nice one), and

b) no, I didn’t have ANY personal contact with 8 new starters via email myself

So, that means that every single one of those pregnancy fitness class ladies landed on my website, filled in their registration form, paid the full course fee and booked themselves on – no questions asked.

Email tennis back and forth: zero.

For Mummies and Buggies this particular course intake:

a) I had 2 new starters who were ex-pregnant clients, and

b) yes, I had personal contact with them BOTH, but literally, all they needed to know was when they could start, so my VA handled that for me

Email tennis score: shall we call it “30 – love”?

Similarly, for my pregnancy Pilates classes, I calculated that:

a) I had 10 new starters for my pregnancy Pilates class (with 5 re-enrolments from the previous course who all paid a month ago), and

b) yes, I had personal contact with 3 of those new clients (mostly AFTER they’d purchased, I might point out).

Email tennis score: I don’t know what the score is now, but I think I certainly won the first set, wouldn’t you agree?!

So, that means that 75% of the NEW attendees who started class the week I got back:

a) filled in their form,

b) paid, and

c) received confirmation from my VA that their space was reserved

And, it was a measly 25% who asked me a specific question, which with a bit of prompting – my VA can easily answer, because she’s awesome.

Want to know WHY you’re playing email tennis with prospective clients?

Well, I can’t say this clearly enough:


You HAVE to make it simple, easy and as un-technologically challenging for clients to book and pay for your services as possible.

End of.

Do me a favour: grab a piece of paper, go over to your website, and write down the steps prospective clients have to take to book on your classes from home page, to dropdown tab, to link etc.

If one of those steps involves:

“Email me for course dates and space availability”, or

“Email me for your health screening form”

Then, can you see how you’re really just making work for yourself here?

If you regularly update your website with a note to say:

“Spaces are available from XXX 2019″…

…it’s like holding up a big sign that says “Come right on in – book your spot now”, isn’t it?

If you had a Virtual Assistant onboard, do you think you could get your business working for you like I am, or is it just a distant dream?

Are you constantly answering emails from your phone?

Do those close to you accuse you of always being on your phone?!

It sucks, doesn’t it, because you’re trying to be as responsive to everyone around you as possible, but eventually something has got to give.

Learning how to work more efficiently in your business is a great starting point.

And, I can help!

Check out my “Managing You HQ” program where I show you step-by-step how to improve your productivity so you can spend more time working ON your business and less time IN it.

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