Video: Are squats the NEW Kegel?

In pelvic circles in recent years, there’s a phrase that’s been banded about that I personally don’t agree with and it’s “Squats are the new Kegel”.


Nothing will replace the Kegel as an exercise in its own right and you can hear more about my thoughts on this matter here in this video:



Whether squats replace the Kegel as an effective exercise for rehabilitating clients with pelvic floor dysfunction is very much debatable too.


No one exercise will “fix” stress incontinence, just like no one movement will mobilise the spine, lengthen the hamstrings or train the core better.


Oftentimes, clients sadly want a “quick fix” nowadays, and it’s sort of unfortunate that Kegels are sometimes the only option given to some men and women when it comes to PFD.


One thing’s for sure though: the squat in isolation isn’t going to solve the mystery, just like any other exercise when performed in isolation is.


A lot of what I do with clients that’s unique to the PFD world is that I get my patients to make lifestyle and habit changes to the way they move, lift, carry, walk, stand, sit – so you can see it’s less about “exercise” and doing sets of squats, and more about making conscious decisions to improve the function of not just their pelvic floor, but their whole entire body as they go about their day-to-day lives.


And, when they learn to squat better, chances are, there are a tonne of those performed in various ways from dusk to dawn – which in turn fires up that pelvic floor musculature!

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