Claire Mockridge is an experienced Ante/Postnatal Fitness & Marketing Expert who mixes fitness with business!

Teaching general exercise and Pilates classes out in the community, Claire is a real ground-roots kind of girl. Claire’s been there, done it and proudly wearing the T-shirt.

To date, she’s worked with over 1,000 expectant women, new mums and their babies!  She currently has 12 classes on her weekly class timetable, with half of them being ante or postnatal, and often many of them run with waiting lists in operation.

Claire has a specialism in pregnant and postnatal exercise, and having found out the hard way how to survive in the world of ‘bumps and babies’, she’s here to share her secrets of success with you.

A self-confessed pelvic floor geek who’s passionate about educating pre/postnatal woman about safe and effective exercise, she’s also incredibly approachable and finds no question too small.

Claire also advises, mentors and runs training courses and workshops for newly qualified Ante/Postnatal Fitness Instructors, helping spread the word about what exercise is safe and effective for their clients during pregnancy and immediately after birth.

If YOU need help with your pre/postnatal business, whether it’s knowing what to or what not to do with a particular client; you’re not a Fitness Professional, but you desperately need some assistance with your marketing strategy (and now your eye have just glazed over); or you just want people to take you seriously, Claire can help!

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