Sleeping pregnant womanSo, today’s topic is all about relaxation.

If you don’t feel particularly confident doing relaxation as part of your pregnancy sessions, hopefully after today you WILL have the drive to do so.

Mums-to-be are so incredibly stressed out nowadays that they need to de-stress, whether they like it or not!

Below, you’ll find some language and phrases that will help you put together an amazing relaxation session.

It’ll stop you feeling like you’re a broken record, which is exactly what I felt like the first time I did one, ok?

Here goes:

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Pregnant woman sitting on fitness ball holding belly.Today, I’m sharing with you what I consider to be the 3 Top Causes of Back Pain for our pregnant and postnatal clients.

The tips I’m listing here aren’t just for pregnant women by the way, but for anyone – male or female, old or young, fit or unfit etc.

Feel free to share this information around amongst your work colleagues, friends, neighbours and respective others.

It could really help someone close to you and set off a few light bulbs in the process.

A lot of people suffer with back pain, but aren’t aware of what it is that’s often the culprit.

Here goes:

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When it comes to challenging your pre/postnatal clients, it’s important that you get the balance right.Prenatal-109

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you do want to make your clients’ hour of exercise with you once a week, worth their while, whilst keeping it safe and effective.

There are a few hints and tips of the trade to help you, the Pre/Postnatal Specialist, ensure that you’re applying the ‘Goldy Locks’ method whereby you’re getting things ‘just right’ for your clients, without skimping on safety.

Here goes:

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Postnatal-31When it comes to teaching pre and postnatal, and for me in particular Pilates instruction for these populations, it’s both simple and scary all at the same time.

Why simple?

Well, once you know the limitations or boundaries of what’s safe and what’s not for the pre/postnatal client, it’s like there’s a simple line that you just don’t cross.

There are exercises you’ll feel comfortable teaching to your prenatal groups and other movements you’ll find are more appropriate for 1-2-1 situations.

Why scary?

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Pregnant woman sitting on fitness ball holding belly.When it comes to teaching an exercise class for pregnant women there are several elements to making your sessions successful.


We know, as Pre/Postnatal FitPros, that there are various components of fitness like muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and so on.


If one element is missing, it’s not quite complete, is it?


And, realistically, it’s your CLIENTS that are missing out, eh?


I’m here to share the top essential elements your pregnancy class should contain, for maximum effect:

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Prenatal-155One of the most commonly asked questions I field from Fitness Instructors, Pilates Teachers and Personal Trainers is:


“Claire, I’ve just found out I’m pregnant. It’s early days, but I just wanted to check with you – what do I need to stop doing to keep things safe for me whilst I continue to teach?”


So, to help any FitPros out there who are a) either in the early stages of pregnancy or b) trying to conceive, let me shed some light on the situation for you.

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Generally speaking, after the 12th week of pregnancy, it’s suggested that, as Fitness Instructors, we DON’T lie our pregnant clients on their back to do exercise.25_pregnancy_exercise

There are several reasons why it’s unsafe to lie mums-to-be supine when they’re doing exercise and if you’d like to know more than just the medical reasons, I’ll help you understand a little more.

I’ve worked with over 1,000 pre/postnatal women and I’m more than happy to share my experiences on this topic.

So, without further ado, take a watch of this video, make some notes, and turn the information into a blog post or weekly newsletter article for your own pregnant clients.

Education is key, remember, so the more information you share with your clients, the more rapport you will build with them.

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