Claire - repurposing blog headerOk, so you’ve got some great content going out to your pregnant and postnatal clients nowadays since the invention of social media.

Let’s see:

  • blog posts
  • testimonials
  • podcasts
  • newsletter articles
  • videos
  • hints and tips
  • research statistics
  • links to mummy/baby centred news stories
  • infographics
  • memes
  • quotes
  • pictures

…maybe you’ve even pressed ‘Go Live’ and you’ve done your first Facebook live video. Woo hoo!

Well done you.

Or, you’ve experimented a little with Instagram stories. Awesome!

All this great stuff is well-received.

Your newsletters are getting opened. Clients are replying and giving you feedback.

People are re-tweeting your posts on Twitter.

Your Instagram followers are double-tapping like crazy.

That video you shot last month got tonnes of views on Facebook *happy dance*.

Your hard work is finally getting noticed and you’re receiving gratification via ‘Likes’ on Social Media…but…

…that’s kind of where it stops, doesn’t it?

Do you want to know what the next step is, is you’ve shot a great little video, uploaded a blog post and/written a cracking newsletter article?

Ok, it’s all in the re-purposing.

What’s that mean? Well, put simply, it’s taking one piece of content, say a Facebook video, and using that same video and posting it elsewhere, to a different audience.

Here are my top tips for re-purposing your 3 main areas of content: video, blog posts and newsletters.


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I’ve been on a bit of a mission to get you to talk to me about BLOGGING.Blogging questions

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll notice recently that I’ve asked several questions and opened discussions with you on this topic on various platforms.

So, tell me:

Do you blog?

Do you know how to update your blog…?

…or, is your website designer actually holding you to ransom over the fact that anytime you want to update your website, you have to go through them…?

Never find the time to blog?

Really don’t see the point in giving away something for free that you’ve put tonnes of effort in to?

I’m here to tell you – you NEED to change your mindset here, particularly if you wholeheartedly agreed with that last statement.

Here are my views on why blogging is most definitely worth the return on the time it takes to do it:

Let’s gently slip our feet into the shoes of a first-time pregnant or postnatal client…

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Blog more viewWhen it comes to blogging as a Female Wellness Specialist, I’d hazard a guess that you fall into one of these camps:

a) you’re regularly updating your blog every week, fortnight or month,

b) you’ve published a few blogs on your website, but haven’t updated it for ages, or

c) you’ve never even started blogging, have no idea what you’re doing and/or don’t even have the blog function set up on your website


When female wellness folk talk to me about blogging, I hear all sorts of frustrations and misunderstandings.


I get it.  I was exactly like you when I first started out too!


I remember my brother setting up my first website for me (for free) over 10 years ago, and he said:


“Claire, you must have LOADS of stuff you can give away for free”


And my response was:


“Well, if anyone wanted that information, they’re going to have to PAY for it and BOOK on one of my classes”.

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Hopefully by now, you will have an active blog attached to your website.Blog 8 ways money


If you don’t, then I can’t tell you how much you’re really missing out!


Educating your pre and postnatal clients is key to building rapport and getting yourself out there as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist.


New mums and mums-to-be are hungry for information, what you need to do, as a pre and postnatal expert is, impart the right knowledge on them.


Blogging is an incredibly effective way of doing this.


I have 2 contacts close to me here in Nottingham who blog for a living.


Yes, you heard me correctly – their sole source of income is made from blogging.


Both had young families when they first started out, and they took a career break, deciding not to return to their high-pressured jobs once their blogs become successful.

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Beautiful pregnant woman.Ever had a scenario where a client who you feel you’ve made some breakthroughs with relating to health and fitness comes up to you and asks a question something like this:

“[Insert name] says I shouldn’t pull my abdominal muscles in because it could harm my baby?”.


“I’m having an elected c-section, and [insert name] tells me I don’t need to work my pelvic floor muscles – is that right?”

It’s a tad awkward, isn’t it?

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Today, I’m listing my top tips for dealing with writers block.Claire-44


It happens to us all at some point, doesn’t it?


You section out a few hours in the diary to get your Newsletters written/Blog updated, and no matter how hard you try, your mind goes blank and you’re staring at a great, blank white screen on your laptop.


Here are my top tips to enable you to get your creative juices flowing, get those words flying off the keyboard and get your newsletter article finished:

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