Pregnancy ExerciseEver wanted MORE pre/postnatal clients on your mailing list?

Well, today I’m sharing another:

3 List-Building Tips

Here goes….!



A sure-fire way of getting more subscribers to your list is to run a Facebook Ad.

Send people do what’s called a ‘Squeeze Page’ to get more sign ups, examples are LeadPages and InstaPage.

Grab the link from the squeeze page and use it to direct people to sign up to your list.

Put simply, a squeeze page is a page separate from your website which focuses people on one thing eg signing up for your list, or buying a product, or downloading a file etc.

There’s no distractions – just a sign up box or pay now button.



Once you have your squeeze page (or private page on your website) set up, your freemium organised and you’re ready to start taking names, share the link on Social Media.

A great way of getting people on your list for that week is to share the subject of your newsletter eg “Want to Know How to Fix Abdominal Separation?” – sign up here.

Or, “Find Out Why Exercise Is Vital During Pregnancy” in Thursday’s newsletter – sign up here.



A ‘freemium’ is like a  little gift, you give away for FREE to people, in exchange for a prospective client adding their name to your list.

It could be a short video of you talking, a podcast/audio file, a worksheet of exercises with pictures, an excerpt from your e-book.

Whatever it is, keep it short, simple and relevant to the client group you’re wanting to attract.

People love a bargain, don’t they?  It’s unfair to ask people to part with their contact details, without YOU first giving them some value, eh?


And, there you have it!


So, you’ve set up your newsletter.Postnatal DVD film shoot


You’re excited about writing the content for it each week.


You enjoy empowering pre/postnatal women through education.


You love giving away newfound knowledge if you’ve been on CPD day recently.




….Do you ever wish you had MORE people signed up to your mailing list?


Well today I’m sharing my:


Top 3 List-Building Tactics

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Today, I’m listing my top tips for dealing with writers block.Claire-44


It happens to us all at some point, doesn’t it?


You section out a few hours in the diary to get your Newsletters written/Blog updated, and no matter how hard you try, your mind goes blank and you’re staring at a great, blank white screen on your laptop.


Here are my top tips to enable you to get your creative juices flowing, get those words flying off the keyboard and get your newsletter article finished:

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2_picture of bookSo, when it comes to writing newsletters for your pregnant and postnatal clients, I here with a few hints and tips.


I send out a pregnancy newsletter once a week and my postnatal clients are on another list, so they receive a different newsletter.


It all flows nicely for me, because when a pregnant client leaves her antenatal class to go off and have her baby, I just simply transfer her name onto my postnatal mailing list, and then there starts the education regarding safe and effective exercise after birth.


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2_picture of bookI’m sure you’re aware of the benefits of Blogging and sending out client newsletters, but I’m often asked in my closed Facebook Group for Ante/Postnatal Instructors “What should I write about?”, so I’m here to help.


I’m going to start with the “101 in article writing and blogging”.  Are you ready?  Well, basically, if a client asks you a question in class, write a blog post about it.  It’s as simple as that!


Answering clients’ frequently asked questions is where I get the majority of my ideas from for newsletter articles and blog posts.  They’re a great resource.
If you’re newly qualified, your Level 3 Ante/Postnatal manual should give you fairly up-to-date statistical information, so you could start quite simply with answering these questions, just by flicking through the data in your manual:

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Postnatal-34-300x225I know how frustrating it is myself to spend time writing good quality blog posts, newsletter articles and emails only to find that clients don’t read them.

You put your heart and soul into researching a topic, you provide thorough answers to FAQs and write what you think is really relevant content.

Yet when you log in to your email software program to check the open rate ater a campaign is sent, it leaves you feeling less than excited.

There are a few tricks of the trade that you can apply to get your clients to sit up, take action and open your emails, so keep reading…

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