Today, I’d like to share one of my favourite “tools” in business.success jar


I use it to keep myself SANE as a business entrepreneur.


Being a Pre/Postnatal Specialist it can be a crazy old world we live in.


Ever had a day when the whole world is against you?


Receive some negative feedback from a client that’s now playing on your mind?


Did someone upset you earlier and you just can’t shake the negative thoughts because you’re too darn sensitive?

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For those of you who actually use Twitter regularly, you’ll know what an awesome platform this is.


Twitter has a completely different feel to it than Facebook.


And, with the recent mindset change that Facebook has made to Pages whereby it’s becoming a ‘Pay to Play’ service, it might make sense for you to focus your energies elsewhere.


Twitter is great for networking, finding local baby businesses, reaching out and it can really help raise your profile.


Here are some of my success stories from using Twitter:

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WOWButton (2)I can’t believe it!

I’m a #wow Award Winner (#wow = Women On Wednesday)!

This is really prestigious Award from a very prominent female entrepreneur, @Jacqueline_Gold.

If you don’t use Twitter for business, what’s stopping you?!

Follow me here: @ClaireMockridge

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Prenatal-155I’ve worked pregnant and postnatal women for many, many years. To date, I’ve seen some 1,000+ mums-to-be, new mums and their babies come through my pre/postnatal-specific fitness and Pilates classes.


So, you could say I know a thing or two when it comes to advertising and marketing my services to pregnant women or new mums.


If you too are wanting to attract more pregnant or postnatal women into your classes, I’m here to share my top marketing tips with you

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Ante/Postnatal Fitness ExpertHere’s a post, anecdotal in nature, where I’m going to talk to you about the benefits of simply being ‘nice’.


Many years ago, when I first started out in the fitness industry, I worked out at various gyms, got to know the Gym Instructors and Reception staff at each venue, and I was always nice.


I liked to talk shop with the Gym crew, PTs, Studio Instructors and office staff and nothing phased me – I was simply there to train and be nice, really.

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Postnatal-75I had an interesting conversation with a Pre/Postnatal Specialist at one of my workshops recently about the Terms and Conditions I have in place in my pre and postnatal classes, and I did promise I would post some ideas for you, so here goes.


My pre and postnatal fitness classes on a pay upfront basis.  Clients pay for 10 sessions and I reward them with their 11th session free.  I ask clients to use up their sessions within 14 weeks of joining the classes, and any changes to terms and conditions are noted on my website.


It’s important from the outset, that you set clear T’s and C’s so everyone knows where they stand.

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2_picture of bookSo, when it comes to writing newsletters for your pregnant and postnatal clients, I here with a few hints and tips.


I send out a pregnancy newsletter once a week and my postnatal clients are on another list, so they receive a different newsletter.


It all flows nicely for me, because when a pregnant client leaves her antenatal class to go off and have her baby, I just simply transfer her name onto my postnatal mailing list, and then there starts the education regarding safe and effective exercise after birth.


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Postnatal-16If you’re a Fitness Instructor, Pilates Teacher or Personal Trainer who has often toyed with the idea of working with postnatal clients, I’m here to help!


Working with new mums and running outdoor buggy workouts, whatever the weather is a great way of filling up your daytime slots where other classes have failed.


Have a watch of my vlog below where I list not just one reason, but 4 reasons why you should be working with postnatal women.

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14_tweet birdSo today I thought I’d cover a fairly under-used marketing platform by Ante/Postnatal Specialists, and that’s Twitter.  So many times I hear Instructors say to me: “I just don’t get Twitter”, or “No one talks to me”, or “How do I get more followers?” etc.  Let’s hope, after reading this article, you’ll be less “in the dark” about how Twitter works, what sorts of things you should/shouldn’t be posting on there, and why it’s so incredibly useful in business.


Let’s talk taglines to start with.  You know the Mastercard adverts on the telly?  What’s the tagline at the end? That’s right, it’s: “There are some things money can’t buy.  For everything else, there is Mastercard”.  What about Nike in the 80’s?  Remember it?  “Just do it”.  Cool.  Ok, so we’re getting somewhere.

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Ryman SBS Event Biham 3.2012So, I had the pleasure of Theo Paphitis’ company on Thursday 28 November 2013 at his #SBSEvent2013.  It was pretty much the highlight of my year, to be honest.


You may not know, but Theo (we’re on a first name basis now), selected my business as a winner of  his Small Business Sunday (#SBS for short)  Award a while ago.


All the #SBS winners, past and present were invited to one big shin dig at the ICC in Birmingham for networking, a look at what’s new in the world of #SBS and to learn from Theo’s ‘Panel of Experts’.


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