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Theo Paphitis being welcomed onto stage

I spent all of Friday at the ICC in Bimingham at one of  the BEST networking and business Events I’ve ever had the privilege to be invited to.

Theo Paphitis (ex-Dragons Den and Entrepreneur) runs a competition every Sunday evening on Twitter called #sbs which stands for Small Business Sunday.

If you’re not on Twitter, get yourself on there, because you too could WIN yourself this Award.

Here’s Theo on stage – he’s in his element, eh?

#SBSEvent2015 wasn’t just about Theo.

He’s passionate about small businesses, and if you’ve ever read his book or know anything about him, you’ll understand where this drive comes from.

He wants you to succeed.  You, the sole-trader.  You, the one-man-band.  You, the tiny online business that operates from your spare room.

Theo Paphitis gets #SBS noticed in The Sun

Theo Paphitis gets #SBS noticed in The Sun

This is the THIRD #SBS Event I’ve attended (having won this Award in August 2011) and every year they get bigger and bigger, and indeed better and better.

There’s plenty of time set aside for networking and talking shop with other small business owners.

This year, I must’ve had a magnet attached to me, because a high percentage of the people I talked to or randomly sat next to to strike up a conversation with worked with pregnant or postnatal women.

What are the chances of that happening?

It was a great day of inspiration, and because there were plenty of breaks in between speakers etc, I managed to build my network of contacts not just for me, but for you reading this too, if you’re a Pre/Postnatal Specialist somewhere in the UK.

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Question Time with the Expert Panel

At this year’s Event, Theo held a ‘Question Time’ with 3 speakers, all from different businesses and backgrounds.

  • Judy Naake – St Tropez
  • Julien Callede – Made.com
  • Rob Forkan – Gandys flip flops

After hearing these success stories, the focus was then placed on the audience and we were then able to ask questions from the Panel of Experts.

This opportunity doesn’t happen very often as you can imagine, and the questions were a mixture of pleas for help, offers of work/contracts and good solid advice.

I guess the moral here is: if you don’t ask you don’t get and that was evident.

If you’d like to know more about how I won the #SBS Award, follow me on Twitter here and I’ll show you how simple it is.

Well, what a lovely weekend I’ve had down in London at FitProLive 2014.interview fit pro 2014


I always love this Convention, and this year’s Event was no exception.


If you weren’t aware, there’s been a date and venue change, so instead of Loughborough in the East Midlands in April, FitPro’s now in London in July.


This year’s FitPro theme was “Break the Rules”, so it was only fitting that the venue and date alteration occur this year.


Initially, I was saddened to have one of the best Fitness Conventions disappear from my corner of the country, but in the eyes of progress, I thought I’ll book on and see if London can do it as well as Loughborough.


It rocked!john berardi fit pro 2014

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