When it comes to training the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and after birth, I’m here to tell you, as a trained Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert who keeps her education and skills fresh and up-to-date, things in recent years have most definitely changed.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles for postnatal women should be of paramount importance.  No news there. 

Keeping the pelvic floor muscles in check during pregnancy is vital too.  Again, no surprises.

Stress incontinence (that’s where you when you laugh, cough, sneeze or do exercise and a bit of wee or poo comes out too), is quite common with 30% of new mums suffering with the condition for up to 3 months after birth. 

It’s actually probably higher than that figure truthfully though.

In one recent study, it’s predicted that up to 80% of women in the US will suffer with some form of pelvic floor dysfunction at some point in their lives, unless something is done pronto!

I think you’d agree – Houston, we have a problem!

The good news is though, extensive research and testing has been done in recent years to find out more about how the pelvic floor functions; how it becomes weakened; and what causes dysfunction within it.

Let me explain in a little more detail why my approach to pelvic floor education is different, and why you need to change yours too:


When someone suffers the embarrassment of leakage of urine or faeces, it’s also often associated with movement. 

This could be just in day-to-day activities:

  • when you run up/downstairs without thinking,
  • you chase after your toddler/baby,
  • you pick up a heavy object too quickly,
  • you do exercise and notice you leak etc

Nowadays, we train the pelvic floor muscles WITH movement.

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There are many ways you can ask your clients to pay for your services as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist and today, I’m sharing my top tips for you.

To save you hours of over-thinking, brain-strain and lack of sleep, by the end of this article, you will know exactly what you need to charge.

Postnatal-124And, if it makes you a little more profit along the way enabling you to attract the right clients first time, then that’s a massive bonus, eh?

Here goes:



……do pay as you go with pre/postnatal!

Simple. Short. Sweet. To the point.

Don’t even contemplate running a pre/postnatal session as drop-in – it will fail, dismally.

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Prenatal-114I’m here with some standing core-based exercise ideas for your pregnancy classes.

Sometimes you just get stale teaching floor-based core work, huh?

Hands and knees positions are fine during pregnancy, but you know that I know that you know, that you should also include core exercises in a more upright position too.

All you’ll need is a wall space for these exercises.

I’m pretty sure most halls, sports centres and gyms have those, don’t they?!

Tee hee.

Ok, so without further ado, here are my:

Top 5 Upright Core-Based Exercises for Pregnant Clients

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I have something very special to announce with you guys!bumplady_colour


Today marks the 7th birthday of my Bump to Babe Pregnancy Fitness Classes in Nottingham.


And, in celebration, I’m offering you a 50% discount off my Pregnancy Fitness DVD – TODAY ONLY!


I honestly don’t quite know where the time has gone, to be fair!


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64_nandiniA new client asked me recently how long I’ve been running my Mummies and Buggies Postnatal Fitness Classes this week, and I had to have a think there for a minute before answering with: “Over 8 years now”. And then I immediately thought to myself: “Where on earth has the time gone?!”.


I really couldn’t believe it!


Although I have fewer mother and baby classes on my timetable than when I first started; my class numbers peak and trough throughout the year; and some classes in particular can be really hard work, but I can honestly say, I still really enjoy teaching them.

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