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Are you an Ante/Postnatal Instructor?Claire-44

Need some help getting your pre and postnatal business on track?

Conscious that you have no clear marketing strategy in place?

Want to ensure more of pregnant clients come back to you postnatally?

Have loads of ideas, but feel you need some guidance from an Expert who’s been there and done it before you?

Want to save yourself time to enable you to focus on online products and create yourself a passive income stream?

Feel now is the time to take some action?


Well, then 60-Day Mentoring/Coaching is for you!


How can Mentoring / Coaching help you?

Claire Mockridge has seem some 1,000 pregnant and postnatal women come through her classes.  She knows what marketing works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting bumps on seats.

With 6 pre and postnatal classes on her timetable, and many of her sessions running regularly with waiting lists in operation, Claire knows a thing or two about getting clients in the door, retaining them and getting them back after a break too.

If you’re stuck in a marketing rut, you’re constantly chasing your tail and can’t understand why your pregnancy Pilates classes or buggy workout sessions are always struggling financially, then you need a dose of 60-Day Mentoring / Coaching.

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The 60-Day Mentoring/Coaching Program for Pre/Postnatal Specialists!


What’s included?

You’ll receive a mentoring call with Claire Mockridge once a week which will help set you up with a clear marketing strategy to help drive your pre/postnatal business forward.

Covering topics such as:

  • tried and tested low-cost (think FREE!) advertising ideas,
  • profile raising,
  • professional branding,
  • networking with the right people,
  • setting up a successful online/offline income,
  • how to become a Social Media Superstar,
  • client retention tactics,

As well as you’re run-of-the-mill marketing, specific to obtaining, gaining and retaining pre and postnatal clients.

Having worked with pre/postnatal clients for many years, Claire Mockridge can also assist you with any problems you have teaching pre/postnatal too (if appropriate).

NB – Mentoring is only suitable for those of you who want to take action, get results, do the tasks asked of you, and work hard.  No one ever got anywhere being lazy now, did they?


How much does it cost?

It’s £597* for the 60-Day Program

*Payment plan available – email Claire for more info.

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Just 5 spaces available!


Have a question?

For more details or to express your interest, contact Claire NOW, to help kick start your pre and postnatal business!

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