Go Forth & Multiply – Postnatal Marketing Manual


Postnatal Marketing Manual containing 9 different sections with webinars for you interact with, YouTube videos to watch and text to read through and make notes from.



There are 9 different sections with webinars for you interact with, YouTube videos to watch and text to read through and make notes from.

People absorb information in different ways, so you’ll be pleased to know there’s a medium of communication to suit everyone.

There are 4 webinars which contain:

1    What works/what doesn’t – This webinar covers the basic wants and needs of the postnatal clients, and a simple section on “what works and what doesn’t” when working with new mums.  Vital information for anyone running a postnatal fitness business.

2    Effective Networking – Learn tricks of the trade when it comes to networking with businesses local to you. Remember: “The best prospect is the client who has already dealt with you. The second best is the one referred to by a client who has dealt with you previously. The third best is the one referred to you by another trusted professional or friend.” ~ Marilyn Jennings, Author and Speaker

3     Time-management skills – essential viewing if you really want to STOP going around in circles, and really START focussing on your business!

4     Insurance low-down – There are things you need to know when dealing with mums and babies. This informative webinar gives you the low-down on how to get insured, and what’s safe for mum and baby.

There are 4 sections of text for you to read through too, where you’ll be asked to answer questions, set yourself goals and targets and complete tasks before moving on to the next section:

1    Marketing hints and tips – To help your classes “Go forth and multiply”!  You’ll find over 50 hints and tips on how to advertise your services, specifically to new mums and their babies.

2    Designing killer flyers – When working with time-poor new mums, it’s important to grab their attention with a killer flyer and get it right the first time. This section of the manual covers what should and shouldn’t be included on your flyer.

3    Increasing your media profile  – If you want your postnatal clients to take you seriously, you’ve got to get you and your brand out there.  This webinar covers ways and means of increasing your media profile so people recognise you everywhere they go.

4     Resources for the Postnatal Instructor – Postnatal exercise books, Fitness and Pilates DVDs, Postnatal training courses and other references a Postnatal Specialist can’t be without.


And finally, “Getting BUMPS on seats” and Go forth and multiply” would not be complete unless Claire Mockridge shared some of her tried and tested exercise hints and tips with you too, so she’s giving away not 1, not 2, but 3 LESSON PLANS which contain:

  • Aerobics routines
  • Resistance band exercises
  • Body-weight exercises
  • Chair-based exercises (pregnancy)
  • Mat-based Pilates exercises (pregnancy)
  • Chair-based stretches (pregnancy)
  • Mat-based stretches
  • Pelvic floor work, and
  • Relaxation

After purchase, you will be directed to another page where you can download your manual(s) straight away.

NB – You’ll need at least 6-8 weeks to market a new pregnancy or postnatal exercise class, so if you’re thinking about launching a NEW ante/postnatal fitness class in the coming months, don’t delay, order your copy of “Go forth and multiply” TODAY!

Have a question?

Email Claire Mockridge directly here: apn@clairemockride.com

Join Claire’s closed Facebook Group here, for more hints and tips on marketing and advertising, and working with pre and postnatal clients: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clairemockridge/

Check out Claire’s Blog here for FAQs on exercising during pregnancy and after birth: http://clairemockridge.wordpress.com/

Want more information about “Go forth and multiply”?

Watch this YouTube video: http://youtu.be/ggyzxIJPYOA

Or, listen to this audio file here: http://soundcloud.com/clairemockridge/go-forth-and-multiply/s-vyNwI

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