Top Twitter Tips for Pre/Postnatal Specialists

14_tweet birdSo today I thought I’d cover a fairly under-used marketing platform by Ante/Postnatal Specialists, and that’s Twitter.  So many times I hear Instructors say to me: “I just don’t get Twitter”, or “No one talks to me”, or “How do I get more followers?” etc.  Let’s hope, after reading this article, you’ll be less “in the dark” about how Twitter works, what sorts of things you should/shouldn’t be posting on there, and why it’s so incredibly useful in business.


Let’s talk taglines to start with.  You know the Mastercard adverts on the telly?  What’s the tagline at the end? That’s right, it’s: “There are some things money can’t buy.  For everything else, there is Mastercard”.  What about Nike in the 80’s?  Remember it?  “Just do it”.  Cool.  Ok, so we’re getting somewhere.

I wonder if you can tell me what Twitter’s tagline is though?  If you don’t know what it is, then I’m fairly confident you’re also not really “getting” Twitter, either.  Just to clarify, Twitter’s tagline is: “Join the conversation”.  Are you with me?


So, if you’re not interacting with anyone and just sitting there quietly, no one will chat to you and I’m pretty sure no one will want to follow you either because, for want of a better word, you’re a bit of a bore, really.  Show some of your personality, so others get to know you.


Twitter has a completely different etiquette to Facebook, and although initially, the 140 character limit thing when you post something will drive you nuts, and you’ll have no idea about #hashtags etc, I promise, you’ll get used to it, ok?  If you want a more comprehensive guide to #hashtags, take a listen to this Podcast:


I have around 2,700 or so followers (follow me here @ClaireMockridge), and I got that many followers simply by chatting to other Twitter users about stuff, and posting good quality content that my followers are interested in.  It’s ok to have a laugh and joke with people on Twitter and you can post more frequently too eg 10+ times a day is pretty normal, which also makes it different to Facebook, doesn’t it?


Celebrities use Twitter.  Large corporations use Twitter.  Prospective clients will expect you to have a Twitter account.  Perhaps for the moment, more of your customers use Facebook, but you’d be surprised the amount of business you’re missing out on by not being on Twitter.


Here’s some tips on what you should be posting on Twitter, in between the whole “Joining in the conversation” thing:


  • Hints and tips on exercising
  • Factoids eg “30% of postnatal women suffer with some form of stress incontinence after birth”
  • Pics of you out and about / video of you working out
  • Client testimonials / feedback
  • Motivational quotes
  • Links to your Blog posts / links to other people’s Blogs
  • Weekly Newsletter link
  • Relevant ante/postnatal articles in the press


And there you have it.  So, your homework for today is to log in to your Twitter account, find me: @ClaireMockridge, tweet me (or just hit reply to one of my tweets), and I promise, I’ll answer you back, ok?


Let’s get this conversation going.


If you want to learn more about using Twitter for business along with other step-by-step marketing tips specifically for Pre/Postnatal Specialists, click here.

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