Top Benefits of Using Twitter for Business

For those of you who actually use Twitter regularly, you’ll know what an awesome platform this is.


Twitter has a completely different feel to it than Facebook.


And, with the recent mindset change that Facebook has made to Pages whereby it’s becoming a ‘Pay to Play’ service, it might make sense for you to focus your energies elsewhere.


Twitter is great for networking, finding local baby businesses, reaching out and it can really help raise your profile.


Here are some of my success stories from using Twitter:


Want to know how I got on local Radio? Well, the local DJ for BBC Nottingham is on Twitter. She mentioned she had back pain. I tweeted back to say: “You should try Pilates”, and she then invited me in. Simples.


In the lead up to FitPro, I always tweet the keynote speakers who are on Twitter a day or so before the convention to say: “Looking forward to your session on xxx at FitPro on Saturday” or whatever. More often than not, if the person is tech savvy, they’ll tweet you back. Then, after their workshop, you boldly go up to them, thank them for their awesome words of wisdom and say: “Oh, hey, we chatted on Twitter yesterday” and there’s your shoe in the door, right there.


Ryman SBS Event Biham 3.2012 a) @TheoPaphitis of Dragons’ Den fame has a competition on a Sunday evening from 5:30-7:00pm called #SBS Small Business Sunday. He invites owners of small businesses to tweet him, using the hashtag #sbs with a bit of info about their products/services, or something quirky. Theo (we’re on first name terms now, obviously) then selects his favourite 6 Tweeters for the week and there you have it.


WOWButton (2)b) Another competition that I’ve entered and been successful at winning also is @Jacqueline_Gold’s #WOW Women On Wednesday. This operates between 1-3pm on a Wednesday. Jacqueline’s the owner of Ann Summers and an amazing, inspiring, powerful female entrepreneur.  Click here to read more about this recent win.


c) Carrie Longden, co-founder of @MumsnetTowers, ran a competition last year in association with Barclays which involved small businesses tweeting for the chance to win a mentor session with Carrie. Guess what? I won it! Super chuffed and what an amazing experience that was, chatting to the creator of the best websites for new mums and pregnant women!


I’d strongly urge you NOT to air your dirty laundry on Twitter. If you need to give negative comments about a company’s customer service, or lack there of, chose your words carefully. I bought a box of tea from @TeaPigs. I didn’t like the flavour of it at all, so I simply tweeted them along the lines of: “I bought x tea yesterday and it’s really not to my liking.” They tweeted me an email, I forwarded them a message and a few days later, a box of FREE Tea Pigs goodies including a cap, badge, tea samples and discount codes for future orders. So, there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing business on Twitter, eh?


Share your blogs, website, details of classes, give advice and educate your followers. All of this gives you exposure to the masses. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have now, Twitter’s incredibly organic. TIP: Pop one of your blog posts up, then at the end add: “Pls RT”. That means ‘please Retweet’ or ‘Share’ this message. You’d be surprised at how many people visit your blog page, and then go back to Twitter and hit the Retweet button. It’s all about getting you and your brand noticed.


Soooo many celebrities, business people and famous FitPros use Twitter on a daily basis. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have someone you idolise actually tweet or retweet you. It’s like waiting in line for a celebrity to give you their autograph. But, actually, way better than that. TIP: Don’t expect a reply from every celebrity – they’re pretty busy. But, I promise, if you jump into a conversation, or tweet them after you’ve read their book, tried a recipe, or altered the way you teach because of some advice, they will thank you.
What do you think?


Still think Twitter’s a waste of time?


Have I given you some ideas on how to use Twitter?


If so, tweet me here: @ClaireMockridge

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