Safety Considerations When Running a Mum & Baby Class

1_motherandbabykissDue to changes in recent legislation (Children and Disabled Persons Act), if you’re planning on running a postnatal class where mums bring their babies along with them, there are a few points for consideration before you begin.

Put simply, YOU as the Instructor in this environment, are responsible for each babies’ safety.

Not the mum.

It’s important therefore, that you don’t put a baby in a comprising or unsafe position, whilst their mother exercises.

In the old days (and in America for example), it’s absolutely fine for mums to do such things as:

  • ‘Use’ their baby as resistance
  • Hold their baby whilst performing a squat/lunge
  • Have baby lying beside them to exercise
  • Perform a sit up over their baby
  • Placing baby on their tummy to do a Shoulder Bridge

Now, these scenarios should be avoided (unless you talk things very carefully through with your insurance provider).

Please don’t let this put you off running a mum and baby class.Postnatal DVD film shoot

I’m simply here to share my experience and knowledge with you about the boundaries of your insurance cover, should you be considering adding a mother and baby exercise session to your timetable.

Here are some examples that are safe for both mum and baby:

  • Designate a separate ‘exercise zone’ and ‘baby zone’ so everyone stays safe
  • Provide a travel cot or play pen for the older babies who want to kick about or get out of their buggy
  • Look into running a crèche alongside your postnatal class in an adjacent room
  • Have a roster system where one mum is the designated ‘babysitter’ for the week

postnatalfitAnd, to reinforce the point:

  • On your ‘what to wear/bring’ email after someone registers, stipulate the safety aspects for both mum and baby
  • Use language on your website which is both truthful and not misleading eg: “Babies in car seats, pushchairs and buggies are most welcome”

As I say, always check with your insurer and chat with them about how you’re going to run a class with babies present.

It’s likely you’ll need add an additional clause to your existing policy along the lines of:

“Mothers Exercising With Babies In Buggies”

Find this article interesting?

How do you run your postnatal classes?

Do you avoid babies coming along or do you encourage them to attend your workouts?

What safety considerations have you put in place?

Not sure which insurance providers will cover you?

Pop a comment below and I’ll happily help.

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  • By Keri 04 Jan 2017

    Thank you for the article. Can you provide names of some potential insurers please?

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