Tips on Increasing Client Retention – Get Those Pre/Postnatal Clients to Come Back To You!

pre post specialist photoNeed help with client retention?


One of the main hardships every Pre/Postnatal Specialist faces (after the initial constant marketing/advertising battle to find pre/postnatal women in the first place!), is the issue of client retention.


Every pregnancy is different, and every postnatal recovery is too, so I can’t stress enough that it’s important that you don’t push your clients into returning back to, when they don’t feel ready, ok?


Softly, softly, is a much better approach, ok?


But, if a mum-to-be has had a healthy pregnancy, followed by a straightforward birth/labour and a non-clingy baby, then you’re kind of on to a winner.


Being a new mum is a very demanding job, not just physically, but emotionally too.


Caring for a newborn baby changes some women’s perspective on life and so we, as Pre/Postnatal Experts, can’t expect 100% of our pregnant clients to hold exercise or whatever it is that you offer, at the forefront of their minds.


Today, I’m listing my top 5 tips on how to retain your pregnant clients’ business to help ensure you reach out to those that are willing and ready:


pre group of clientsSOCIALISATION

Getting your current pregnant clients to get to know each other and socialise during pregnancy by suggesting drinks/meals out after class every few weeks is a brilliant way of building a support network and a friendship base for your clients.


See clients more 1-2-1? Why not organise an Event where they do meet? It’ll be harder work on your part, but honestly – it’s one of the best things I’ve done to help retain clients.


Pick a date towards the end of each month or 6-week course or whatever, book a table at a restaurant nearby, or suggest your mums-to-be just walk to a local pub for a drink together.


Encourage them to swap mobile numbers and email addresses amongst themselves, and suggest that they meet up for daytime coffee too with each other once some of them have gone on maternity leave.




You’ve heard me say this a trillion times, but, if you’re not sending out valuable, factual, fun information to your pregnant clients about safe exercise etc during pregnancy, then it’s very difficult to build rapport with them outside their session with you.


Working your mailing list is vital for instilling confidence in them.


I send a pregnancy newsletter and a postnatal newsletter, so as soon as someone’s had their baby/passes their due date, I swap them over to my postnatal mailing list, so that regular contact isn’t lost.



If a pregnant client’s due date has been and gone, and you’ve received no baby news from her, just send her a quick light-hearted message saying “Any baby news yet?”.


Those that have had their baby will generally email you back letting you know of their new arrival’s details and in most cases, they’ll mention their birth and how exercise helped them through labour etc.


Don’t see this email as “badgering” or that you’re trying to “upsell” your services so that they’ll enrol on your postnatal classes – make it genuinely heartfelt.




This seems obvious, doesn’t it? But, if you’re not running something that your postnatal clients will find attractive, then it’s difficult to retain pregnant clients, unless you switch them over onto your mainstream mailing list.


The main reason my postnatal fitness and Pilates classes are successful is due to the fact that new mums can bring their babies with them.


If you don’t want to operate a “mother and baby” type service or session, that’s fine, but you certainly need something that matches what they did in pregnancy.



New mums get to know other new mums fairly quickly, just because of the various other baby-related activities on offer locally.


If it’s financially viable for you to offer a discount along the lines of “bring a friend for 20% off”, then go ahead and do it.


If, however you can’t but you could cut your price by just £5 per course, or arrange things so that if they don’t use up all of their sessions during pregnancy, they can transfer some over to your postnatal classes, then that’s another draw card.Claire-44clien


Discounts are funny things. Another incentive to think about is once you have a bunch of pre or postnatal clients on your books and it’s time for them to re-enrol or pay again – THAT’S the time to offer them a discount.


Basically, you’re saying: ‘I value you as a current client, here’s X% off your next course’ or whatever.


Make sense?


There you have it.


My top 5 tips for helping you keep your current pregnant clients happy and help retain them post-pregnancy too, and I’m pretty sure some of these tips will help with client retention whatever it is you do.


If your services for pre/postnatal lend themselves very much to ‘one-off’ appointments etc, then it’s time to ‘think outside the box’ a little and gain some more skills/qualifications, or create an online product they’ll happily purchase further on down the line.


Have a great week, and if you have any questions about this blog, get in touch.25 done for you blogs cover


I love receiving your feedback, so pop a comment below.


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5 Things You're NOT Doing as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist to help WIN business and RETAIN customers!
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