Facebook Tip: How to get more reach on your Facebook Page

Claire - FB top tip - increase reachHow’s reach on your Facebook Page right now?


If it’s abysmal, then you most definitely want to keep reading!


Did you know you can actually see when your clients most often log on and check Facebook?!


Awesome right?!


Why is this important though..?


Well, you may find that you’re churning out all of this great content. For example:


  • blog posts,
  • hints and tips,
  • videos,
  • answers to FAQs,
  • links to news articles,
  • memes,
  • inspirational quotes,
  • behind-the-scenes pics,
  • Facebook live sessions

But, at the moment, all you’re getting back are tumbleweeds.


Well, step one is to find out WHEN your clients check in with Facebook, so you can start aligning your content with WHEN your customers are going to see it pop up on their timeline.


Watch this short 2-minute video I posted up on my Facebook Page, where I share HOW you find out about this golden nugget of info, so you too can use it to help assist you in getting more reach on your own Facebook Page.



Two further points:


  1. Once you’ve located the info, write down the 4 peak times throughout the day that your clients are online, and
  2. If you have more than one Facebook Page, don’t assume the data will be the same across both client groups, so be sure to have a pen and paper handy to make a note of the distinction


Did you like this video?


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