pelvic-stabilisation-tipsWhen training your pre/postnatal clients in quadruped position (hands and knees/all fours), do you sometimes struggle getting them to keep their pelvis stable?


When you prompt them to ‘lift their right leg behind them’, do you find their pelvis automatically shifts over to the left to compensate?


Do you have to get ‘hands-on’ quite frequently to ‘hold’ their pelvis in place?


Often notice how their pelvis shifts to the right or the left, and no matter how many times you ‘coach’ and ‘cue’ them to NOT do this, it still happens?


I have a great little strategy to help you to get your clients to take ownership of their own pelvis!  Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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shoulder-stabilisationDo you struggle getting your pre/postnatal clients to understand shoulder stabilisation when performing hands and knees exercises in your classes?


Do you find yourself having to get ‘hands-on’ quite frequently to ‘hold’ their shoulders down, away from their ears when they do a simple ‘arm float’ to the front, or ‘opposite arm to leg’ movement from quadruped?


I’ve worked with over 1,000 pregnant and postnatal women, so let me share a very quick, simple, effective tip to help you:

a) keep your clients’ shoulders in the right position, and

b) aid your clients’ understanding of what the shoulders should fell like to be in the correct alignment


Watch this short 3 minute video I shot live on my Facebook Page, where I share one very tiny modification you can use which will assist you with both elements mentioned above.

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