Postnatal-57It seems like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is THE new thing in fitness.  I’m well and truly sold on the idea because nowadays it’s the only way I train myself.  What about you?

Quite simply, what other workout gives you maximum fat-burning results in less time?  It’s awesome.

Gone are the days where we encourage clients to do slow, continuous-paced cardio workouts, and this certainly should apply when it comes to training our new mums too.

Is HIIT suitable for the postnatal client?  Well, yes and no.

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Prenatal-125Today, I’m answering a quick question a Pre/Postnatal Instructor asked me recently regarding whether circuit classes were suitable for pregnant women.

My answer to this question is most definitely YES.

Interval-style training is a great way to train prenatal clients because:

  1. clients can work at their own pace,
  2. varying levels/trimesters can be accommodated in one setting,
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As many as 20% of women suffer with Pelvic Girdle Pain.Prenatal-137


Here are my top tips when dealing with clients that present with this condition in your classes:


ONE-SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL – PGP is a very individual .  Some clients will be fine on their hands and knees, lifting a knee, others will feel pain in their pubic area instantly.  Some clients will get discomfort in their SIJ (sacro-illiac joint) in side-lying, others don’t.


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