Postnatal-12There will be times as a pre/postnatal specialist, where it’s necessary for you to say:

“Hands up! I honestly don’t know.”

And, actually that’s completely fine.

There’s a growing trend across ‘Specialists’ in this industry to: educate yourself, get hands on, go on every training course going….in the hope that you’ll be able to solve ALL of your pre/postnatal clients’ problems.

Unfortunately, this really isn’t true.

And, actually quite unnecessary.

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1_motherandbabykissDue to changes in recent legislation (Children and Disabled Persons Act), if you’re planning on running a postnatal class where mums bring their babies along with them, there are a few points for consideration before you begin.

Put simply, YOU as the Instructor in this environment, are responsible for each babies’ safety.

Not the mum.

It’s important therefore, that you don’t put a baby in a comprising or unsafe position, whilst their mother exercises.

In the old days (and in America for example), it’s absolutely fine for mums to do such things as:

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I have a simple business tip to share with you today.2_picture of book

Ideas are like slippery fish….

….Don’t let them get away!

Perhaps you’re just starting out as a Pre/Postnatal Specialist.

Or, maybe you’ve been in the industry for a while.

There’s always someone out there that has:

  • a better website,
  • awesome marketing material,
  • flyers that sell,
  • newsletters that look amazing and,
  • a Social Media presence you only dream of.

If this is the case for you, then…

…You NEED a Swipe File.

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2_picture of bookWhen it comes to your To Do List, and in particular, your inbox, I’m here to share a few tricks with you that will help you get stuff done.

….And, ultimately STOP procrastinating!

There are certainly some tasks on your To Do List that need actioning straight away.

Others can wait for another day, a week or even a month.

It’s all about making the most of the precious time you have to become MORE productive, attract MORE clients, and hopefully make MORE profit.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


Before I do anything, I set up 4 lists:

  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal
  • Mainstream clients
  • Other

STEP TWOPostnatal DVD film shoot

Within these lists, I write EVERY task that needs doing, regardless of how immaterial it is.

It’s amazing how quickly your mind starts remembering additional tasks here.

Just let them come and write them down into whichever list they pertain to.


Next, grab a highlighter.

In fact, grab a couple of highlighters in different colours.

And, sticking to a colour-coding system eg orange = high priority / pink = low priority or whatever, highlight each task accordingly.

Here are a few questions I ask myself as I’m highlighting each task, to enable me to allocate the right colour to the right task:

  • Will it make me money?Pregnant woman sitting on fitness ball holding belly.
  • Will this task build rapport/provide the client with outstanding customer service?
  • Does this task need to be done now?
  • Can it wait?
  • Can it be done tomorrow / next week / next month?
  • Can it be out-sourced?
  • Do I need to block out time to do this? If so, block out time in your diary now.
  • Does someone else need to be contacted in part of the process?
  • Is it something only I can do?

As you work through your To Do List, consider systemising things as you go.

Here’s an example of systemising:

If you’re sending the SAME email out to different people at different times, copy and paste the text into a word document, save it, and refer back to it the next time the SAME query comes up.

I have several separate documents eg pregnancy, postnatal, mainstream classes with dozens of email response templates in them.

Not only does it save time – it means I give the client everything they need in one email.

Which means they DON’T contact me back and forth with random questions about cost, venue directions and what to wear etc.

Another additional tip when paying bills:

  • Diarise when ALL of your invoices are due and set up BACS payments. This is SO much easier and time-saving

And, there you have it!

Tonnes of time saving tips for you to help you get MORE done, and make MORE money.

I’m full of useless bits of info, by the way.

As always, if you enjoyed this article, pop a comment below.

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So, you’ve set up your newsletter.Postnatal DVD film shoot


You’re excited about writing the content for it each week.


You enjoy empowering pre/postnatal women through education.


You love giving away newfound knowledge if you’ve been on CPD day recently.




….Do you ever wish you had MORE people signed up to your mailing list?


Well today I’m sharing my:


Top 3 List-Building Tactics

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64_nandiniToday I’m sharing a tried and tested tip which is great for client retention.

It’s especially beneficial at this time of year.

Summer’s over. Kids have gone back. No holidays to look forward to.

I’m kidding.

If you find certain clients have dropped off the radar and you kind of miss them – get personal.

Instead of just hoping clients will book back on your classes with you via your automated mailing list – get personal.


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I have something very special to announce with you guys!bumplady_colour


Today marks the 7th birthday of my Bump to Babe Pregnancy Fitness Classes in Nottingham.


And, in celebration, I’m offering you a 50% discount off my Pregnancy Fitness DVD – TODAY ONLY!


I honestly don’t quite know where the time has gone, to be fair!


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Beautiful pregnant woman.Ever had a scenario where a client who you feel you’ve made some breakthroughs with relating to health and fitness comes up to you and asks a question something like this:

“[Insert name] says I shouldn’t pull my abdominal muscles in because it could harm my baby?”.


“I’m having an elected c-section, and [insert name] tells me I don’t need to work my pelvic floor muscles – is that right?”

It’s a tad awkward, isn’t it?

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Today, I’m listing my top tips for dealing with writers block.Claire-44


It happens to us all at some point, doesn’t it?


You section out a few hours in the diary to get your Newsletters written/Blog updated, and no matter how hard you try, your mind goes blank and you’re staring at a great, blank white screen on your laptop.


Here are my top tips to enable you to get your creative juices flowing, get those words flying off the keyboard and get your newsletter article finished:

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success jarToday, I’d like to share one of my favourite “tools” in business.

I use it to keep myself SANE as a business entrepreneur.

Being a Pre/Postnatal Specialist it can be a crazy old world we live in.

Ever had a day when the whole world is against you?

Receive some negative feedback from a client that’s now playing on your mind?

Did someone upset you earlier and you just can’t shake the negative thoughts because you’re too darn sensitive?

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