VIP Days

Feeling a little lost in your wellness business right now and need some direction from someone who’s been there and done it?


Do you have a new class, program or product that you’re wanting to launch and you’re struggling with your sales copy?


Want to take your business online, but don’t know where to start (or if it’s a good idea going forward)?


Have you realised you have no strategy when it comes to getting bumps on seats?


Are you struggling to retain customers and/or attract the right clients in the first place?


Need to get more organised in your approach to creating content for your social media?


Well, come and work with one-on-one VIP Day.


Cost = £997.


We will have 7 hours together to work through your list of stumbling blocks/challenges, and we start with a 30 minute call a week or so beforehand, to really establish where you’re at right now, and areas that need to focus for the future.


Click here to pay your £100 deposit, and then email me over some dates, and we’ll get you booked in – and your business going places!


VIP Days can be done in person (Nottingham) or on Skype.


Read what others have to say about their VIP Days:


“Thank you so much for today, Claire – it was brilliant.  I’m so much clearer on who it is I want to work with, you’ve helped me with text that sells for my website, and your advice on pricing and packaging up my services was great!  By making a few tweaks, I’ve booked 3 x Personal Training clients in for May already.  Yay!”Lisa M, Pre/Postnatal Personal Trainer



“Claire, you’re like a triple-trick pony and I simply loved our VIP Day together (so much fun)!  The fact that you have the ability to talk about marketing, social media strategy AND creative exercise for pre/postnatal women from a “been there done it” standpoint is invaluable.  If you’re an instructor who’s serious about turning your love of working with mums from a hobby into a serious business venture, I’d encourage you to book a VIP Day with Claire Mockridge!”Sarah P, Postnatal Fitness Instructor



“I booked a VIP Day with Claire because I know she’s a well-respected Pilates instructor and as a newly qualified one myself, I wanted to double my class timetable from 3 to 7 weekly sessions to make quitting my full-time office job worthwhile.  The exercise we did about my ideal client made my marketing plan so much easier, because I now know exactly how and where to advertise to find them (light bulb moment!).  I’ll definitely be booking some mentoring sessions with Claire going forward too because her coaching style really suits me.”Jeanette L, Pilates Instructor



I’m 29 weeks pregnant and going into a panic about maternity leave for 6 months and needed help writing a business plan to keep the focus and structure for my social media lady and studio instructors whilst I’m not at work.  Claire helped me make instant profit clearing some dormant stock from my Pilates studio, gave me clear advice on what my admin team need to be doing for me so I can spend as much time on baby as possible, and I even got my social media team to schedule in 2 months’ worth of content in one go.  Really worthwhile.”Heather S, Pilates Studio Owner



“Absolutely brilliant to be able to go through my business with someone who understands it and is able to give great ways to take it forwards by bringing it all together.  You made the “blue ocean” concept totally understandable, just need to make the picture clearer.  We made a great start on Thursday, and I have already done some of the work for the postnatal class that we didn’t do and also the buggy class.  Just need to push the marketing side of things now.  Thanks again (would love to have done longer – the day went too quick!).”Beth, Pre/Postnatal Fitness & Pilates Instructor


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