Who are “Bridging the Gap” Workshops suitable for?Bridging the Gap Workshop

“Bridging the Gap” Events are suitable for:

*FitPros who want to run pregnancy and/or postnatal fitness classes,

*Pilates or Yoga Instructors who want to teach Yoga/Pilates classes for their pre and postnatal clients,

*Personal Trainers who want to devise killer progressive 1-2-1 ante/postnatal programs that work, and /or

*Any Exercise, Dance, Movement-Based or Medical Professional who wants to update their skills to enable them to provide fresh, new exercise content for their mums-to-be and new mums

I’m not qualified to teach Pre/Postnatal, can I still attend?

Yes!  If you’ve ever had to turn a pregnant or new mum away from your classes, now you don’t have to. “Bridging the Gap” is a brilliant way to educate yourself about the common problems that pre/postnatal women face, and you’ll walk away with loads of exercise ideas in your kit bag, safe in the knowledge you’ll know how to deal with them, should the need arise.

I get bored easily. Is there lots of theory?

At “Bridging the Gap”, we’re all about being heavy on practical and light on theory. Claire Mockridge is at ‘ground roots’ level, teaching 6 busy pre and postnatal classes a week herself. She knows exactly what knowledge you as an Instructor needs, and she spells things out in easy to comprehend ‘client-friendly’ langauge so you can pass this on to your participants in words they understand too. You’ll learn a little bit of theory, then dive straight into a practical segment to apply just what you’ve learnt whilst it’s fresh in your mind (rather than waiting until you’ve had lunch, you’re feeling sleepy and bloated, and right now, you’d really rather not have someone poke around your abs to test them for separation!). If you don’t like sitting still for too long, “Bridging the Gap” has been devised just for you!

What’s the format for the Event?personaltraining

Workshops run from 11:00am-5:30pm and contain 3 hours practical and 3 hours business and marketing. After a quick introduction from Claire, she’ll then jump straight in to the practical sections on: MIIT (Mummy Intensity Interval Training), Pregnancy Pilates sequencing, functional pelvic floor and Relaxation Techniques.  There are ample breaks throughout the day (Claire used to be a teacher in a past life and can tell when her participants’ eyes have glazed over!), and you’ll have plenty of interaction with each other in the business and marketing section that rounds up the day, so you won’t get bored or be too overloaded with info.

What practical content is covered?

With over 3 hours’ worth of practical exercise content for your pre and postnatal classes, this full day Workshop will provide you with:

*MIIT (Mummy Intensity Interval Training) – safe, effective, fat-burning exercise techniques for your new mummy clients

*Pregnancy Pilates Sequencing  – learn standing and floor Pilates sequences, safe for your prenatal clients that add flow to your classes

*Pelvic floor education – functional standing pelvic floor exercise ideas to keep your classes fresh and bang up-to-date

*Relaxation Techniques – lead your pregnant ladies through a relaxation session to help them learn to switch off and relax

*and….invaluable hints and tips from someone who’s worked with 1,000 pregnant and postnatal women

What marketing advice is given?

A total of 3 hours is dedicated to business and marketing for the Pre/Posntatal Specialist at “Bridging the Gap”.

So, you’ll walk away with:

Marketing session*ideas on how to attract more pre/postnatal clients to your classes,

*client retention strategies to ensure your prenatal clients come back to you after birth,

*the tricks of the trade from an Expert who’s been there and done it,

*mechanisms for pricing and packaging up your services so more clients buy from you,

*more confidence to enable you to add a successful pre/postnatal arm to your business.

Are there networking opportunities available?

Yes! Claire’s been there, done and it collected a lot of Workshop miles! If you’re wanting to come along to an Event where you get to meet other like-minded, proactive, personable Instructors just like you, then “Bridging the Gap” is perfect. Working with a niche population can be daunting and pretty lonesome and Claire has a natural flair for drawing out your insecurities and replacing them with confidence. There’s plenty of interaction, group work, soul-searching, idea-sharing and drinks breaks. If you can only make it out of the house to one CPD Event this year, make it “Bridging the Gap”.  You won’t just discover new exercise content and marketing skills, you’ll make everlasting friends and contacts too.

How do I book?

Booking is easy.  Just click here, select the Workshop you wish to book on, make payment and consider your spot reserved!

What happens AFTER I’ve paid?2_picture of book

Shortly after you’ve paid, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Claire with a short questionnaire for you to fill in. Don’t worry – it’s nothing too deep or emotional, just a few questions to assist Claire with where you’re at in your business and where you want to go in the pre/postnatal field.  NB – Please allow 48 for the email to be sent to you, and check the email that’s registered to your Paypal account, because that’s where it’ll be sent to.

How many spaces are available?

At “Bridging the Gap” the personal touch is really, really important. You’re not just a number, ok? Claire will take the time to get to know you as an individual before the Event, and that’s why she limits the spaces on her Workshop to 10-12 participants. Every Workshop is slightly different, because every person attending is too (which is just like pregnant and postnatal women too, huh?)

What do I need to wear/bring?

You’ll need to wear: comfortable sports clothing

You’ll need to bring: pens, highlighters, notepad/paper, food/snacks, water bottle and an open mind.

I’m a visual person. Can I bring my video camera?

Yes, of course! Feel free to video Claire in action when she’s demonstrating the exercises; you’ll be encouraged to take photos of Claire’s Powerpoint slides as she goes through them; if you don’t have a professional-looking photo of yourself for your website Claire will fix that on the day; and don’t hesitate to take a selfie – they’re all the rage these days, aren’t they?

How do I contact Claire if I have a question?

If you have a question that’s not listed above, feel free to contact Claire.

You can do so here:




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